I’ve been with Zurple for about a month, so maybe they’ll improve over the course of the contract. But right now, I’m very, very unimpressed. For a $900/month service, they’re really quite useless. I’ve received 2 genuine leads over the course of August, which is terrible. I could’ve done a better job myself. It’s no wonder why they lock agents into a contract. They wouldn’t stay in business, otherwise. Too many agents would cancel after a month of non-results (who wouldn’t?). The contract was a red flag to me at the time, but I thought, “oh, some agents are having decent success with this. Maybe I’ll try it out for 6 months”. Big mistake. Should’ve listened to my gut rather than the guy on the phone.

Plus, they tried to pressure me into choosing a 12-month service. Luckily, despite how slick and “friendly” the guy on the phone was (Pedro, I think is his name), I only signed up for 6 months. Thank goodness for small favors. These sales rep types have no interest in your success. They just want to get a commission, I’m afraid. Too bad I discovered that too late.

Because of this experience, I’ve chosen to write off every internet advertising/marketing agency out there, especially ones promising 20 leads a month to realtors. Maybe there are good ones out there, but I’ve convinced myself that they’re all crap and just want thousands of dollars for little to no work, only lies that they’ll help you grow your business.

It’s also my fault, too. I didn’t want to take the time to do digital marketing myself, and I screwed up. I take full responsibility for this. Good news is that I didn’t sign up for the full, 12-month package.


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