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Worst Of All

I had high hopes for Zjama Realty as the broker we worked with seemed very kind and they had such attractive looking listings in the area we were looking for.

We wound up renting an apartment we weren’t able to see four ourselves in person. We sent a friend and we saw it over video so we felt confident moving forward.

When we moved in (with an infant), we found an apartment with a missing smoke detector, missing window guards, chipped paint/plaster on the sills (all of this is illegal), as well as dead bugs on the kitchen shelves, dirt smeared on the window sills and floors, sticky surfaces, a filthy refrigerator with hair inside, a dirty bathtub, etc.

The apartment was in very bad condition. The management hadn’t even bothered to clean thoroughly.

Also, the washer/dryer that was a part of the reason we took the unit is defective. Worst of all, there are roaches in the apartment.

While this may be the fault of the building management and not Zjama, Zjama vetted the apartment for us, as well as the building and the management.

What else was the fee we paid for (equal to one month’s rent) except for to ensure the apartment would be in good shape? While the agent we worked with was very nice, that can’t compensate for the mess we now find ourselves. I cannot recommend.

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Parkside Avenue 160
11226 NY US
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