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Livi Management/United Default is a scam

I got a call from Jacobson from Livi Management. I have 20 years of experience with REO industry and I am listed on it as well. When he called, he sounded confident about the property he was talking. He explained that his company was responsible for the one of the bank listed properties in my area. He further asked, if I was interested in advertising for that property.

This is my bread and butter, and this is what I do. However, I knew the basics of verification. The first question that came to me was my leaked number. I asked how he got that information about my contact details. He said that he found my number listed in REO directory. I accepted that answer. I thought that he was legit and further wanted to know about the details of the property.

He said that I could opt for the yearly package where I will be assisted with these kinds of asset and it would further help me in making profits. He asked me to make a payment of $349. After the payment, he promised to send the list of properties that I would be handling for advertising.

I was pretty impressed by the way he sounded. It felt as if he knew what needed to be done. I informed that I would be happy to assist with the bank owned asset and would reach there in 24 hours to assess the occupancy of that place.

I made the payment as well to get access to the platform of REO. In my 20 years of experience, I have worked with companies like this and I have made profits out of it, so it was not at all unusual to me. But, Livi Management was a new name to me and I wanted to make sure that my credit card information and other details are in right hands.

He asked me to follow up emails for all the updates about the property. Within 24 hours, I provided BPO with occupancy. It was before the holidays. He replied to my mails promptly. After holidays, things changed. He stopped providing updates and was not answering my emails either.

I tried to reach him two times on phone as well. But, he did not answer. Hence, I checked the title again and was shocked to see that there was a transfer of asset done by the end of December. And the property was listed in the name of a private individual.

I finally, mailed Martin Jacobson about the same and left a voice mail as well. He replied to me with an email stating that he would look into the matter, the first thing. That was the last email. It has been more than a week and I have not received any update on the name transfer.

I am sure that Martin duped me into believing that the property belonged to REO. I think, it was never listed with REO. He made me pay for an annual plan that is most likely worth nothing.


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4 reviews

  1. A time tested Scam from bottom feeding lowlifes

    It is worth absolutely nothing, they are scam artists that have been at it for many years, they target vulnerable REO agents. None of the people that call are real AM’s and they use fake names, there is no “Martin Jacobson” it’s just a scammer on the other line

    Write a formal letter to the Attorney General and certify mail it, that is what all of the agents are doing now which brings their crime from petty theft to grand larceny.

    Another agent told us apparently it is a guy named Larry Pool, a weirdo who runs amcf llc out of his house in California and he has some friends in chicago and denver


    My story is so much the same. I had a Mark Westfield, LIVI Management call me and I also had conversations with Martin Jacobson. I told Mark I was concerned that this was a scam and he so kindly informed me he was sorry I had been scammed previously but this was not a scam at all. Of course, they took my money, I bought the bronze executive to start out, they would update me later if I wished. Of course, they would! Here’s Martin’a email, just as unofficial as could be but I fell for it and drank the kool aid! Scum!•

    Gold Executive- Includes a one year subscription with three counties and twenty five zip codes of automated generated assignment notifications of new assignments and tasks, easy-fill BPO format, occupancy check report templates, and your own personal profile allowing us to market you to servicers, financial institutions and vendors. $519.00
    • Silver Executive-Includes one year subscription with twenty five zip codes and two county automated generated notifications of new assignments and tasks, easyfill BPO format, Occupancy check report templates, and your own personal profile allowing us to market and connect you to servicers, financial institutions and vendors. $439.00
    • Bronze Executive- Includes one year subscription with twenty five zip codes or one county automated generated notifications of new assignments and tasks, easyfill BPO format, Occupancy check report templates, and your own personal profile allowing us to market and connect you to servicers, financial institutions and vendors. $349.00
    • Customer Service Team
    • Quality Assignment Reviews
    • Auto-Updates
    • Marketing Specialists
    • Timely Responses
    • User Friendly BPO and CMA’s
    • Personal Profiles
    Marty Jacobson
    Asset Manager
    630-509-4171 Ext 302

    The information contained herein is meant solely for the use of the specified recipient.
    We reserve all rights and require the recipient to not share any vital financial or personal information that may compromise any privacy laws applicable.

    When I told them within a day that i changed my mind, Martin emailed that was no problem, that he agreed to refund my credit card and I would see that refund in 3-7 days. that was on March 1, 2018. I’ve called multiple times, to Mark and Martin and no response. $349 GONE! Do these folks have nothing better to do than steal money and get by with it? Maybe they read these reviews and laugh but I can rest assured they will get their pay back. It’s a sad world where folks steal without conscience, no regard for taking what is not theirs. These kind of folks are husbands, brothers, and most importantly fathers and they pass this on to the next generation. Sad, Sad, Sad!! I am in touch with the attorney general.

  3. Scammed

    Well I also dealt with Martin. Paid the $349.00 did the BPO and was told I would get the listing when the rekey was done. Was told that I was guaranteed at least 1 listing and would most likely be more. I watched the property for months and about a month ago drove by and it was listed with another agent. Martin stopped answering emails and it is a year this month. I asked for either a listing or my
    money back. No answer to email. I have been a agent 9 years and was scammed.

  4. I was told the same thing.I performed the work required and got it to them. I never heard anything back. I finally got a lady on the phone and she informed me that the AM i was dealing with had left. I asked her about the property I was supposed to of been Guaranteed the Listing on and they had assigned it to someone else. I demanded a refund of my money and got nothing. Turned it over to the Illinois Office of the Attorney General they just sent me a letter stating they could not get a response from them. My remedy is to discuss the matter with a Lawyer in private practice or take action in small claims court if it would have jurisdiction over my complaint dispute. So in other words we need to find the Scam artist and go visit him to see if he has our money.

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