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Union Plus is a fraud company with no shame

I got a call from Stephen Woods who introduced himself to be an employee with Union Plus. I am a real estate agent and have got few clienteles who provide me reference now and then. However, it is not huge. So, when Stephen called me and told that he could help me out with referrals by advertising my services to all the union members, I got excited.

Not to say, I was in need of such promotion. Being a non-profit organization, I had little to no doubt in their program and top of that, they said that they would be refunding my entire money if I did not get any calls through their network.

So, I paid in full for the entire month. Stephen informed that this advertising would help me with new clients and I would be making great profits. I got into his sweet talks and that was the only moment when I thought he was making sense. Because, afterwards, I understood that all the promises that he made, were lies.

Weeks passed, and it was only few days for my subscription to end. I tried to get in touch with Stephen, but he did not care to reply. So, I called his office and I was given a time to call back. I did call back, but he was still unavailable.

I emailed him asking about the leads and he replied saying that I would get them soon. He assured that they have never received any complaints about the ads. I knew it wont work and was waiting for the period to get over to ask for a refund.

It exactly what happened. The time went by and did not receive any call from the referrals that they told will be generating. So, I called Stephen and asked him for the refund. He said that it would take some time to verify the activities and check if they happened. Then only, they would be able to process the refund.

Hence, I agreed to wait for two more days. On the third day, I received an email from Stephen saying that they have found activities on my account. I asked them to show proof of those activities and he said he would try his best to get me the numbers soon. But, he never called or emailed.

In short, I assume that the advertisement was never made. They just lied about everything including the refund policy. He denied refunding the amount and told me that the activities are a proof that the ads worked. He tried to blame me for not converting those leads to opportunities.

Later, he said that he would not be able to help me with anything else, except if I am looking to increase the subscription further. Are you kidding me? After what you put me through, it would be dumb of me to believe you again.

I am never going to refer their services to anyone.

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