UDR Inc. lures you in renting the worst house through unethical

I was scammed by UDC Inc which was formerly named as United Dominion Reality. The company gives you an impression that they care a lot and promises for great homes. They will make sure to show you the houses that will look awesome in the first visit. However, when you will start staying in there, you will find that the house was never worth the money you paid.

I was trying to find a home and was sceptical about dealing with independent agents. These days, the realtor scam is at its height and I wanted to go with a company for finalizing any deal. You know when you are cautious a lot, you tend to make the biggest mistake. Atleast that is what happened to me. I was sure that I had invested a lot of time on finding the right assistance and accepted all their charges without any argument.

I shifted to the house. The property was on 4241 Redwood Ave. The façade was the nicest attraction and enough to lure any customer. They made sure the price looked nothing infront of its beauty. I was also convinced of paying the right amount. However, the face off started when I shifted.

Thomas Tommey, the CEO of UDR Inc. is the mastermind behind all these scams. He only cares about his profit. He won’t care about your problems and will never come for the rescue. After, I shifted, everything started breaking down. Sometimes, the AC won’t work and sometimes the geyser will shut down.

Every time we would call, they will direct the call to the answer machine and they have all their customers diverted to the answering machine that they never check. The answering machine is always full and you would never be able to record your complaint.

Few days back, our main door broke down. Now, we are staying without a secure door and every time I would try to reach them, they will ignore my call. In any case, if I get hold of a person by any chance, he will ask me to wait for the help that would never reach.

I am frustrated and do not know what should I be doing. I cannot leave the door broken as it is unsafe and if I made the payment for the repair, they won’t refund that amount to me. They have already done this before. In first month itself, my credit card bill has grown like mosses because of the repairs that I have made.

They won’t accept the bills and say that it was working fine before we shifted. They try to put all the blame on us. The company is a total rip off. Do not trust their homes that they show. Try to search about the property before you make any decision.

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  1. SCAM dishonest Company

    This UDR is beyond any human comprehension, totally scam. I lived in their tierra del rey Marina del Rey Los Angeles property, there’s literally no service, the rooms are filthy when we moved in and there’s so much hidden costs as they will try to get hold of your deposit for all the cleaning, re paint and everything.

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