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Timothy Rhoten – Red Carpet Realty and Rentals screwed our deal because of his incompetency. We could have lost the deal, but we managed to understand him way before he did any harm to our deal.

Timothy Rhoten red carpet deal is a scam and is worthless. Timothy Rhoten sent us wrong information from start, either intentionally or by mistake, but costed us a lot.

He sent us a listing agreement of a completely different property, emails that he sent, intended for another seller and sometimes would call us by different names.

These were not enough that he made it even unbearable when the time came for reviewing the offers. He gave us one lead. I completely understand that this cannot be pre-planned. But, at the time of signing contact with us, Tim promised that he had a lot of traffic coming from right and left. He convinced us that he would provide us with the best deal and there would be various alternatives for us to take the right decision. However, he did not meet any such criteria while offering us the names of the interested parties.

I checked with him if he had talked to all the offers that we received. His answer was ‘no’. I could not understand how he could miss such leads by his irresponsibility, costing us huge loss.

He made us furious by all his negligence and unethical means. My husband and I asked him to wait overnight so that we could have gone through the terms of the agreement. We asked about the offer price and the expiry period. He informed us verbally the price and said that it was still two days before the agreement expired.

He did not even read the terms. The agreement expired that evening itself. I am so frustrated while I write this, he did not even turn up for the open houses that we scheduled. This is a clear indication that he lacked the required understanding of the real estate work. He is a scammer who does not want to give attention to the details as it does not concern him.

We asked him for reasons and he kept misleading us from one point to another. Finally, when we asked our money back, he vanished. He stopped taking our calls and left us with no hope. Later, we finalized the deal through another agent and are happy to find the great price that we were looking forward to.

If we would have stuck with Tim, our deal would have died without any legitimate offer. If you wish to save yourself from all these miseries, stay away from this goon.

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page views and 2500$ of monetary losses. The most of the users reported the severity of the scam is high.
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4 reviews

  1. Tim Rhoten a Frustrated Guy

    Timothy Rhoten is really a frustrated guy… I had love to deal with them if they had kept patience. Overall bad experience working with Tim

  2. All Lies People

    As you can see this entire review contradicts itself multiple times, I will not even spend much time going over this. This is obviously a foreign marketing company making up stories that do not make any sense, did you do a deal with me or not, your story says you lost but then at the end it says you went with another agent and it all worked out. The only listing I’ve had in the last 18 months which didn’t sell and seller went with another agent is 1211 S Prairie #3706 which is still on the market and still not sold with two major price reductions. Agent beware of these marketing company scammers who post stories so far fetched like this and then the second they’re post you get calls and emails from “marketing companies” promising to make these bad stories go away. Customers or potential clients if you’re curious please give me a call directly, I would be happy to give you the names and numbers of my previous 60 transactions over the last 2 years and you can decide for yourself if you would like to do business. It’s unfortunate that this is the way people have to make money, but this is not me I promise you that. Reveal your address that sold so the public can see if your story even checks out… even look at the name JB Mulla, make something up that sounds believable.

  3. A fraud loser asshole smug ginger fuck

    He’s a smug, shitty personality, greedy show off look at me and my cool leased cars pussy. He actually challenged me to a fight if he saw me on the street to “throw down” whatever ginger slang that is. Well buddy I will take you up on your offer, although I won’t be “throwing down” when I see you, I will bust your teeth out. He thinks he’s invincible, insulting people who knows where he lives! What if one of these dudes you offer to throw down with is a complete mental case who will knock on your door,,, or bust it down with his goons and literally bend you over and rape you while your wife watches. This is all just theoretical of course

  4. This review is a fake. The people, who have written it now are extorting money to delete their review. All this story is a false. Let they show any proof. Dont be so naive)

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Reported Loss : 2500 $
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