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The Laundry Rooms Are Extremely Dirty

I have lived at the Washington Street units for 3 years with my husband, and we are moving out in August.

We stayed for the relatively lower rent for the area, but have had nothing but issues with both the building and the management.

If you don’t want to read this, just take my word for it, do not rent from them. They are awful.

On our move in day, there was bags of trash and a full room of dining and living furniture in our unit.

The Hamilton company had informed us that we couldn’t move in when we wanted, because they had to hire someone to “clean the unit” after the previous tenants moved out.

We had to move all the furniture and trash out ourselves, because their offices don’t even open until 9AM.

No apologies or offers to send someone in to clean after we moved in, even though it was obviously not true that the unit had been cleaned.

The elevator was also out of order on the busiest move in day of the year.

The building in general is also just in terrible shape. The glass in the front door has been smashed multiple times, the building smells terrible, the elevator smells even worse, and is terrifying, the laundry rooms are extremely dirty.

Any issues in the building are never fixed, they just have a thick off white coat of paint slathered over them, making all the molding, old wiring, and door frames, flaky and lumpy.

Because of all the extra layers of paint, some of the doors do not close properly, or at all.

We have also seen roaches in the building, and had the misfortune to have them in our unit as well.

The kitchen cabinets are not mounted flush against the wall, which neighbors another unit, and we informed maintenance multiple times we were seeing roaches.

Instead of spraying anything, or patching up openings or cracks in their poor construction, they only placed tiny little sticky traps around our apartment, nowhere near where we informed them the bugs were coming from.

They never followed up. We had to come up with ways to block cracks ourselves, and use insecticide to get them to go away.

There has also recently been a pipe burst in the building, affecting many units, and while they are working on repairs (which are taking 10x longer than they should be), they are leaving construction materials and chemicals and large boxes in the public hallways outside residents units.

There are open buckets of dirty water and other chemicals that have strong odors.

There is open insulation in the common entryway in the bottom of the building.

They are obstructing the hallways on every floor with boxes of flooring and counters, and anyone with a stroller or wheelchair/walker would not be able to navigate past them.

On top of all this, the parking lot always has people in it without stickers who do not get towed.

They are awful at removing snow, since they refuse to hire people to shovel, they think that the only way to clear snow is just plow one lane up and down, leading to snow banks in parking spots.

The “motion sensor” lights outside the doors in the back are always broken, leaving you in the pitch dark if you are coming in or out at night.

Lastly, they have mandated every year, 9 months before our lease is set to expire, that we decide to renew our lease for the next cycle. It’s insane.

Overall, these people are ridiculous. They don’t know how to manage buildings, they just won’t spend the little money it takes to maintain units at a minimal level.

We can’t wait to leave. Please do not rent from them, there are other places for the same price.

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