Suneet Agarwal

Suneet lead us to the worse experience while closing the deal

I was in talks with a man who wanted to sell his house. That family had a real estate agent who was trying to make things easier for both the parties, instead made it difficult. He found my contact and talked me into buying that house. I had a meeting with the owners and the family seemed decent. I was anyway looking to buy my own house and when that proposal came by, I thought of giving it a chance.

So, when we had our discussions, I agreed to pay for the house and shift as soon as possible. The owner said that all the communications would happen via Suneet. I was in agreement with him as we did not want any misunderstanding. This decision made our entire process slow and confusing. This man, who claims to be a great agent, has got no experience in doing so.

When I first met him, he said that the owners wanted the entire amount in cash which was soon cleared after meeting them. He tried to ignore the subject by referring it as a confusion. I did not bother much at that time. I took that answer as genuine reason.

Later, he started communicating messages on behalf of both parties. He kept making mistakes. We had to clear it with each other for mistakes of terms or moving agreement. Finally, when the money was paid, and it was time to shift, I called the owner of the house. The owner informed that he was communicated a different date for possession. The date was a month later. I had already paid the movers and had paid advance to the cleaners and other service men.

We had been communicated a different walk through dates. I had to cancel all the appointments and had to bear the cancellation charges. The house was on my name, but the owners couldn’t move as they had planned for a different date.

They were confused about the entire process and are staying at the place, rent-free, all thanks to Suneet. I believe that he does not give importance to the details we discuss and then do something like this.

He is naïve and do not have any experience in dealing with buying or selling process. After, we had to go through all this, we tried to speak to him for making things right and he buzzed us off. He had been paid in full and he said that it was our problem and we need to deal with it ourselves.

He completely ignored the problem and wanted us to handle it on his behalf. It was his responsibility, but he denied. If you ever find Suneet Agarwal knocking at your door, make sure you are ready to handle the deal, all by yourself. That would be better.

Or, he would leave no room for perfection and you will be overburdened by charges that were never supposed to be a part of the entire process.


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