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No Respect For Customers

I sublet a room for tenants that were moving out, and we were supposed to renew the lease for another year.

Getting in touch with Bonnie Wattingy was a nightmare, and almost caused legal issue with me giving my previous landlord proper notice- as it took over a month to get the paperwork sent to me for the apartment.

Upon moving, I found that the apartment was in disgusting condition, and was not clean.

There was black mold in the window units, under the kitchen sink, and the oven did not work.

I scheduled a walkthrough with Bonnie (because this had not already been done), and she seemed annoyed that I wanted record of the condition of the apartment before I moved in.

When they sent someone to fix the black mold in the kitchen (he painted over it), the maintenance person CAME INTO MY HOUSE IN THE MORNING WITH NO WARNING.

I was asleep in my pajamas, and they had apparently called my roommate 15 minutes before, AFTER the maintenance person had the keys and was on his way.

They also scheduled a walkthrough with the owners about a month ago and were an HOUR late, making me late for work.

The oven was fixed after a month, but it has been two months and there is still no AC.

The house is running about 95 degrees, and they did send someone out to examine the window units after several weeks, but have done nothing else.

The A.C. experts said that the units were incredibly old and one was literally falling apart, and shooting mold and insulation into the apartment.

I very clearly told Bonnie Wattingy that the window unit had mold in it that I suspected was black mold, and she pulled out the filter and said “yeah, make sure you clean this filter.

While waiting on the A.C. situation to be fixed, the hot water heater went out.

THEN, we received a notice on September 10th to vacate because the property was being seized for sale.

They emailed it to my roommate but NOT to me, despite me giving them my contact information several times.

Our lease ends on the 30th, there is no new contract, and I would not have agreed to a month to month lease whatsoever, but they are claiming that the lease automatically renews and because we did not give them 30 days notice that we were leaving (?!) That we are responsible for the entirety of the rent for October.

My roommate and I found another apartment, and when our new landlord called during the background check, Bonnie Wattingy claimed to not know we were moving, despite having drafted and signed the notice to vacate?

In over a decade of renting in New Orleans, I have never dealt with such a miserable, frustrating, unorganized company.

I would advise that no one rent from them. They do not take care of or inspect their properties, they have no respect for their customers, their safety or their health, and will attempt to manipulate you via illegal lease claims, all while refusing to make necessary repairs in your home.

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