Sloan Court Apartments

Dan Sloan rents the apartments that are a living hell

I lived here for about 11 months and had to terminate the lease a month earlier. I wanted to leave after a month of shifting to the apartment, but the management made it real difficult for me and I had to stay there for almost a year.

I have not experienced such problems with any of the other rented houses, but this was more than worse. The apartments of Sloan court are not safe for living. The management makes it even more difficult. You will find people fighting in the common area at late night after getting drunk. This is very usual there. The company does not do background screening for its tenants and you can find people convicted for one or the other charges, living next to you.

There are black mould all over the common area and was not removed until the code enforcement was called. Dan has a habit of ignoring tenant’s requests. He does not care about their problems. There was no hot water for continuous 8 months. Everyone reported the problem a million times. However, he was too deaf to hear them.

The apartment that I stayed in had a problem with the fire place. The smoke used to back up in the apartment. When I tried to confront him, he was always unreachable. There were heights of ignorance which could have led to serious troubles. Once, the front lawn caught fire because of the bad wiring in the house. The windows with curtains were saved for just few inches.

When we shifted, Dan promised for free internet and Dish TV which were always out. He did not show any interest in getting that fixed. He always got a shortcut solution that was risky as well as short lived. The washing machine in the common area worked rarely and if worked, there used to be issues with either hot water or dryer. The wire from the machine went lying on the floor to the plug and was taped with duct tape. It was entirely unsafe.

While talking to the other tenants, I came to know that he charged them for AC repairing that was his responsibility. He also charged tenants for insect termination. There were cockroaches all over the apartment.

There was no lightening in the parking lot and the buggers keep hanging out in the common area. Few times, our neighbours called the police as well to tackle the situation. Dan was least interested in taking care of these issues.

I had to make him several calls and visited his office numerous times to terminate the lease, but could not reach him until I was 1 month away from the renewal. He did that purposefully and it was very frustrating. I was not able to stand for a month there. Somehow, I managed to be there for 11 months and then shifted.

Dan is a fraud and lies about everything. Once you shift in his apartment, he would become invisible to your requests.

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