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Sillemon real estate is a bad choice.

We run a school with website Lee Sillemon is the owner of the Sillemon group, and was trying to get his NMLS license from our school. He made various attempts to pass the test that we conducted for the same. However, he failed to pass even after several tries. We tried to assist him at many occasions, but still he could not pass the course exit test.

We could not deem him as someone eligible for asking for mortgage loan. We strictly prohibited him for borrowing money in public. We thought that we were over with him. But, soon after a year, he contacted us for refunding his amount. We did not have any such criteria. We do not refund money if the applicant fails to clear the test. But, Lee started torturing us through unreasonable requests and sometimes would get furious as well.

It continued for some time. Later, he started taking bad things about our business. We have been in service from a long time and have catered to 10,000 clients which include people whose first language is non-English. However, Lee demanded for money that was lost because of his irresponsibility.

We tried to get the matter sorted, but he was adamant and did not want to understand. He started hurting our reputation which was unethical and very unprofessional. It is apparent that, Lee does not like to complete a task at hand. He rather likes to keep the clock ticking and when the end is close, he starts blaming those who tried to help him through the task.

It is not often that we meet such people in our business. Lee is a rare combination of stupidity and temper. He can never make things right by doing the right thing. He believes in forcing others to live as per his condition. However, this is not possible in the real world.

As experts, we suggest not to consider him for any service, not even his company. He would never do the thing right for you. There are other great service providers with legit licences and work experience. They would help you with your problem, Lee will only make them worse. We accessed his capabilities a lot of times, and every time, he came out as a fool. Hence, it would be better to find an alternative that can serve you to their best.

If he continues to harm our reputation, we would be filing a lawsuit against him and would see him in the court of justice. This is not a threatening, but a second chance for him to stay away from his unethical behavior, or he will have to pay for it.

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  1. When I did business with the loanofficerschool.Com

    This is a PSA . If you are thinking about enrolling in the loan officer to obtain your mortgage loan originator license, there is a good chance that this will happen to you.

    The school:
    1. They take your money $379
    2. Stop taking your phone calls.
    3. And when you complain to the BBB about the horrific service you received. they will try to slander your name and reputation.

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