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Set Schedule is a bogus company for lead generation

I got a call from someone from Set Schedule offering me leads for my real estate business. This was in January 2018. That person briefed me about the package and promised 8 listings within 6 months. He also offered to list my company with them for extra $500 to market my services. Also, this offer included other perks including the gold events etc.

I agreed for the terms and paid them a total of $1800. It has been more than 2 months and I have not been contacted by them for a single listing. I checked with other agents in my metro and seems that they have not much requirement from my location. This means that they are not having too many requirements to meet from one area. So, what kept them so busy for entire two months and they did not call me.

I am not getting desperate, but my concerns grew when I got calls from other agents who were scammed by Set Schedule. These agents told me the same story and told that they got my contact details from Set Schedule’s social media page where I was a member. They wanted my review and I told them the problem. They were facing the same issue. I had posted on their wall as well. When I checked the people, who had liked my post, I was shocked to see that most of them were bots.

Their Instagram account was also manipulated by digital marketing techniques. So, I called them and finally asked them about the update. The girl who received the call apologized for the delay and said that they would be sending the details of the first lead within 48 hours.

I asked to cancel the plan and wanted to get my refund. The girl escalated the call to the manager who told me the same thing and after insisting a lot, she said that she would have to consult the team for the same.

In the meantime, I tried to connect with other agents through the social media account. I talked to few of them and got the same answer that I expected. Some of them even said that they were sent to random appointments where there was no need of a real estate agent or they never knew about the appointment.

In short, this company does not generate legitimate leads. I never got a call back to confirm my refund or the termination of my agreement. Nor, they provided any lead further. It has been three months from the time I joined this company and have got no lead. I am sure they are not going to return my amount as well.

If you wish to save yourself from these bastards, do not cross their path. These guys are cheaters and scammers. They will rip you off and won’t provide anything for the money you will put at stake. It is better to choose other lead providers instead of Set Schedule LLC. I was made a fool out of me and I today also regret that decision.

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26 reviews

  1. SetSchedule Sucks

    I’m certainly luckier than some! I’ve only used their free app and “claimed” leads by paying for them one at a time. I’m out about $20. Not one of the “leads” even knew what I was talking about and had no use whatsoever for a Realtor. This is inexcusable. I’m severing all relations with them.

  2. Tricked and Misled

    What a scam. They promised me 6 listing appointments in my area. The trial period in which they lured me had the best contacts. After I signed up, those leads became garbage. My 1st appointment was set for 1 hour away from my marketing area. I have yet to have another appointment in the last 2 months.
    Fellow Realtors and Agents – Buyer beware – stay away from this company.
    ESPECIALLY NEW AGENTS – don’t fall for this gimmick.

  3. SCAM!! Save your money! Realtors beware!

    This company SUCKS!!! They send over qualified leads, Bullshit! Both “vetted” leads they sent said they had no idea what I was doing there.
    I showed up twice to two different “seller” leads the home owner said they had no idea what I was talking about! I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone at this company with an answer, when I contested my credit card about how much they suck and didn’t provide. Set schedule sent a response stating they did their part, they are selling smoke and mirrors! They DO NOT Deliver!!!

  4. SetSchedule Scammers

    “SetSchedule is a total SCAM”

    I have purchased 2 leads from Set Schedule about $20.00 each and both leads were not legit. One even told me “I do not know who told you that I wanted to sell my home, but I have NEVER said that?!” The other one was a phone number that was not a working phone number. So not only are the leads not verified but they are out-n-out lies.

  5. SetSchedule is a SCAM

    Same, they scammed me for over 3k in start up fees and “marketing” the leads I got were dead, not wanting to sell, one needed an insurance quote… lol bogus.

  6. SCAM!

    This is a SCAM! This Alex guy called me and told me that the contract was only good for three months. I asked him 3 times. The leads were no good. I called several times to make sure that I don’t get billed after 3 months. Dhaman Gill, supposedly a manager, emailed a cancellation form and told me that it will be cancelled. I emailed it back and I asked for confirmation of receipt. He never responded. I got billed for the second quarter. I called and emailed. No response. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE! SET SCHEDULE IS A SCAM!

  7. Set Schedule Fraud!

    Set Schedule is a Fraud and the support is a nonresponsive joke!
    I just sicced my Credit card Company on them and am calling the Irvine PD next.

  8. Great ongoing development and features.

    I am a huge fan of the pro access on the setschedule app. Great ongoing development and features. I feel like I get a new email weekly with new roll out tools. I have started to use the app more and more! setschedule offers great services, I am super happy to have found them. I highly recommend you download the free app and try them out. The leads are super reasonable, and it completely self service and user friendly on the app.

  9. Professional company

    Professional company with easy to use app. big help with new opportunities and marketing lists. it is amazing what can be accomplished using their tools in a year!

  10. SetSchedule Response


    My name is Dhaman Gill and I am the newly appointed Director of Consumer Relations, here at SetSchedule.

    Since I started at SetSchedule, in its beginning stages of formation, it has been both a fulfilling yet difficult ladder to climb to get to our current stage. As such, client feedback is a vital aspect of our overall success. I have personally listened to and read the feedback provided by our members, in particular those who have been critical towards our products and services. I understand the concerns expressed, and in my time with the company, have made strides to improve the quality of our services, tools, products, and care.

    For those of you that got on-board with us prior to April of 2018, you may or may not be aware of our new technology. For those of you that are not, please download our free, mobile app, which will provide you with free tools, such as a CRM, open house platform and research center.

    Our premium service has dramatically transformed as we have taken the final steps towards a full transformation of how we provide service to our members.

    We understand the need for immediate response and have implemented SetSchedule’s library of training tutorials to better aid our current clients to understand refund and replacement requests of specific failed leads. As always, feel free to chat with an online representative via our website or send a ticket directly from your app.

    I take the critical feedback provided very seriously and will do my best to address any and all concerns. At the end of the day, however, it doesn’t matter the success we would like to achieve, what matters more is your actual experience. We value your concerns and business here at SetSchedule and

    I invite you all to contact with me directly and feel free to bring your ideas, concerns, and complaints.

    Don’t be a stranger, you can reach me at my direct line, 949-359-7930, or for faster response via email at [email protected]

    Yours sincerely,

    Dhaman Gill

    Director of Consumer Relations


  11. When it sounds to good to be true....

    So I get this call from this very pushy sales guy, talking about discounts, and how he would give me the GOLD package for the Silver cost but had to check with his “manager”, was a HUGE RED flag, so I let him continue with his white glove BS!!! I told him I’d think about it! yeah right! my momma didn’t raise no fool! So glad I’ve read these reviews, just confirmed my suspicion. Thank you!

  12. SetSchedule has really well trained

    SetSchedule has really well trained and persistent sales people. After wearing me down, I finally got in a call to discuss the product. I was sold in the first 5 minutes, but after I indicated that I would need to wait for a transaction to close to become a premium member, he suggested I just download the free app and try out some of the leads on demand. After doing so, I was even more sold. This company does exactly what they promise. They cared about my finances and my business and made me feel like they were actually there to support me and help me gain more business. They are professional and a true pleasure to work with.

  13. Set schedule scam company

    Set schedule scanned my wife. I have to use the term “scammed” because the company is fraud. The leads you will get are regurgitated leads. I would say most of not all were fake leads with phone numbers not working and made up names. The company has no real data to give you for your specific state market. I asked on numerous occasions. I asked for specific literature on refunds, nothing. They provided nothing but a speed bump in my wife’s career and a hole in her marketing purse.

    The customer service is sub par to say the least. I submitted a complaint through their company email and received text messages at 12:30am from a disgruntled employee who wanted to talk man to man. I still have the text messages. He knows the company is shady and can’t let the ego or pride down. Instead he decided to let me know that even know my wife gave verbal permission that they can speak with me, they would refuse and only speak to her. I’m filing complaints with the federal trade commission and bbb. If anyone else is frustrated and wants their money back, let me know. We need to stop this company

  14. Set schedule scam company

    What’s even more funny to me is that the guy who decided to text me st 12:30am in the morning is Dhamon, the consumer affairs director whose post you can read a few above mine. Threatened my wife by telling her if I speak ill of the company, he would not give her the refund. Guess what? They told her she would get a refund, she signed the refund letter, then they denied her. Shady shady shady. Set schedule is the epitome of garbage companies.

  15. They didn’t fulfill their promises. Every lead I got was bogus. Don’t even THINK of using this company for leads. I’m usually pretty good at making wise decisions concerning my business but I was completely fooled by these people. They have a very good fast talking salesperson (Alex I believe) who has a great line of BS. What goes around comes around. They will all get theirs one day.

  16. STAY AWAY!!!!!

    I signed a 6-month contract with SetSchedule, which ended on August 21st. I was promised/contracted for 10 seller appointments and received 4. One was an 80+ year old lady whose nephew was her realtor and who had no idea why I showed up on her doorstep. Another was a 70+ year old who lived in an apartment and had nothing to sell.

    I contacted the company to get a refund because they were in breach of contract. Left several messages and it took weeks for someone to get back to me. I finally spoke with a manager and was told that I would not get a refund because there was nothing in the contract that entitled me to a refund, even though they admitted that they only gave me 4 leads. I have filed complaints with the BBB and the Attorney General of California in an effort to get my money back, to no avail. I also reached out to the Inman author, who has also received several complaints (see article:

    A legitimate, customer-driven company will do everything it can to resolve issues and make sure its customers are happy. Not SetSchedule. They took $1,850 and provided bogus leads in return. Don’t waste your money. I wish I had been more educated about this company before I signed up, and I am posting this review so that other agents don’t lose their money. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

    If you have had a similar experience, please contact me.

  17. Great help!

    I initially thought this was a scam. I tried out their leads, it was okay. So I thought to myself, why not get a premium plan, so they offered me their Gold plan. Being new in the business, I didn’t have a lot of leads to work on, and I didn’t know a lot of people to begin with. Getting leads all the time is sooo difficult. So when I got started with them, it was a little difficult at first, but I realized I can actually talk to these leads. Anyone who thinks the leads are bogus aren’t really good sales people. Wanna know how much commission I’m making with the leads? ha! That’s a secret I’ll never tell. One thing’s for sure, they saved my a** from getting zero sales. Satisfied is an understatement.



    Once you pay they will send “listing appointment” leads that they say have been verified. Yet you talk to these people and they say 1) they never talked to anyone, 2) they are not interested in selling their house, and 3) they have no interest in meeting.

    Just filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau. And after trying to settle this nicely for months, I raised my voice and their Director of Consumer Relations – Dhaman Gill said “if that’s how you act, I would not want to work with you either.” WOW. Just wow.

  19. Don't make your opinion just off of a negative review

    There is no one that manages this site. My husband made a review on my behalf and there has been no way for me to remove the review. I signed up with Set Schedule a while back but haven’t put enough time and energy into the company to give it an honest review. All I can say is that when you’re dealing with any company it’s always good to do research and ask questions. You can’t always base your opinion off of reviews that you read online. Most people who write negative reviews are upset over one thing or another and make it a goal to deface the company.

  20. I have used SetSchedule since October of 2018. Customers who have agreed to meet have no-showed, Needless to say there have been no closings. The app works poorly. You have no idea how old the leads are and when you skip leads, they come back. There have been leads that I’ve skipped daily for A MONTH before they stopped showing up. They also charged me $1800 and now they want me to pay per lead! There have been multiple instances of me emailing leads on the service and then getting scam emails that wanted me to download a file to see there home requirements. There is NO QUALITY CONTROL. Worst yet, in the past 2 weeks I’ve tried to set up appointments with them to help resolve my issues. The appointments were not honored and now they won’t answer my calls.

    Whether or not this is a scam, I don’t know. Why my experience is so different from those of the positive reviews on this website makes me question those reviews. I’ve seen all the responses from the company on the website here and calling the number won’t help because IT ALWAYS GOES TO VOICEMAIL.


  21. BEWARE

    BEWARE! The leads are bogus. They set appointments and the customers had no idea what I was talking about. Nothing was even close to being a decent lead. After I cancelled, and I didn’t even talk to a representative from this company for over 6 months they billed me for $1,600. Stay away. Do not do business with this company.
    Jason C

  22. Repeated violation of federal spam law

    I’ve never personally reached out to this company, other than to repeatedly ask to be taken off their mailing list, because they violate federal law by not using an unsubscribe link.

    They continue to e-spam me and do not ever fix their lack of unsubscribe method. Federal law violatora, harassers, who would want to work with that?

  23. I got scammed big time by the frauds at! I lost $2000+ when I signed up for their Gold pro-membership in November. I’ve been a member all this time and I got not even one lead! I recently just cancelled the account because some of the “leads” I called were angry and threatened to report me for violating the DNC laws.

    I called and followed up with each and every lead. I put them on a CRM system to find that that was a huge waste of my time because most of the emails were either undeliverable or weren’t ever opened. Despite my numerous complaints and sending them a status on each lead, they will not refund the $2,000. Beware of their “refund policy”. It only works for the $19/month subscription. I started that way. The leads were garbage but they offered a refund right back if I wasn’t satisfied. The leads were only between $8 and $12 dollars. But I quickly learned that $8 or $12 is much easier to “refund” than $2000! Once you sign the contract and pay, you’re SCREWED!

    I am hoping that this review will pursuade enough agents to collaborate against these frauds and report them to the following authorities. The FTC has the authority to fine and enforce companies to refund money to consumers if enough people were scammed.

    Orange County Sheriff’s Department (in California):
    The numbers are 714-647-7000 or 949-770-6011.

    State of California of Justice Department:

    Fair Trade Commission:

    California RE Commission:
    These people deserve to lose their broker’s license!
    RE License: #02046346 Company: SetSchedule, Inc. in Irvine CA

    Better Business Bureau:

  24. I was sold a product for a one time lead source. I have yet to do any business using this app and have expressed my dissatisfaction with the service and the company on several occasions. They refuse to refund my money the 1st time and again after charging me a second time even though I asked them to please take me off and that I did not want to work with them anymore. They also say they tried contacting me however I have looked over my emails and none of them are in regards to my contract being extended. Not to mention, the leads that they have given me are a complete waste of time, incorrect contact info, or individuals who never signed up for set schedule and are not interested. This company says all the leads have been verified yet I have more people asking to be left alone than those making appointments. Ive shown up to listing appointments where the homeowner did not want any part in SetSchedule but yet they send me on this confirmed appointment. Many do not call list numbers are on here and even if they are confirmed most of the info is fake. They are not good to work with at all.

  25. RUNNNNN!!!! These guys are huge crooks. All their leads are either old or broken. Dhaman Gill is the biggest crook of all. He is unresponsive and is only interested in steeling your money!

    Call Orange County Sheriff’s Department (in California):
    The numbers are 714-647-7000 or 949-770-6011.

    Report these guys!

  26. Inman news wrote that the founder of this Co. Mr. Dekel was subject to a July 2017 SEC filing that barred him from the securities industry over “violations of the antifraud provisions of the securities laws.”

    The ruling stated that from 2011 to 2013, Dekel misappropriated $3.29 million of investor funds as CEO of Diverse Financial Corp, of which he owned a 45 percent stake.

    The filing states that instead of investing in life insurance premium finance lending operations as promised, “… Dekel and Diverse Financial misappropriated 100 percent of investors’ monies using them, inter alia [among other things] for salaries, including Dekel’s credit card bills, attorneys’ fees related to conduct that predated DFCP and Ponzi-like payments to certain investors.”

  27. Less than 0

    The worst real estate lead service in the world. Complete scam started by a ponzi- schemer who is barred from the securities industry for life. This is the most cynical, lying business model you can imagine. They buy very old and incomplete leads from other lead services and dump them off on unsuspecting agents as if they are new, fresh and exclusive. They say they will set specific appointments for you at a premium price with clients that are “ ready to buy or sell”. This is the most attractive part for agents and the most cynical part for this scam. The “team” that sets the leads are a telemarking co in the Far East that set CMA appointments with the elderly and gullible or outright manufacture appointments from public record. Agent after agent has had the same result of showing up to their “set scheduled” appointment and had the home owner not have any idea what they are talking about. When this first happened to me, I was furious and demanded to speak with the person that set the appointment. I was told that my concerns were of the greatest concern to the Co. and it would be looked into. More crap from the people who sell it like gold. It happened again and again. Their daily leads are not any better. I wasted my time with 100 and these were my results after hours-and hours of work. 64 -wrong or incomplete contact information, 33 some version of “you are the 5th or 6th or 10th agent to call me “stop calling”, 2- obscenity laced “stop calling me”, 1 prospect that did not qualify for a mortgage. Do they care. Not one bit. They figure there are always more desperate agents out there who will buy their crap, their not making the calls to irate customers, eventually some of these thousands of calls has to result in a sale. So they keep churning. – sounds kind of like a Ponzi scheme. I wonder where they got that idea?

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