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Set Schedule is a bogus company for lead generation

I got a call from someone from Set Schedule offering me leads for my real estate business. This was in January 2018. That person briefed me about the package and promised 8 listings within 6 months. He also offered to list my company with them for extra $500 to market my services. Also, this offer included other perks including the gold events etc.

I agreed for the terms and paid them a total of $1800. It has been more than 2 months and I have not been contacted by them for a single listing. I checked with other agents in my metro and seems that they have not much requirement from my location. This means that they are not having too many requirements to meet from one area. So, what kept them so busy for entire two months and they did not call me.

I am not getting desperate, but my concerns grew when I got calls from other agents who were scammed by Set Schedule. These agents told me the same story and told that they got my contact details from Set Schedule’s social media page where I was a member. They wanted my review and I told them the problem. They were facing the same issue. I had posted on their wall as well. When I checked the people, who had liked my post, I was shocked to see that most of them were bots.

Their Instagram account was also manipulated by digital marketing techniques. So, I called them and finally asked them about the update. The girl who received the call apologized for the delay and said that they would be sending the details of the first lead within 48 hours.

I asked to cancel the plan and wanted to get my refund. The girl escalated the call to the manager who told me the same thing and after insisting a lot, she said that she would have to consult the team for the same.

In the meantime, I tried to connect with other agents through the social media account. I talked to few of them and got the same answer that I expected. Some of them even said that they were sent to random appointments where there was no need of a real estate agent or they never knew about the appointment.

In short, this company does not generate legitimate leads. I never got a call back to confirm my refund or the termination of my agreement. Nor, they provided any lead further. It has been three months from the time I joined this company and have got no lead. I am sure they are not going to return my amount as well.

If you wish to save yourself from these bastards, do not cross their path. These guys are cheaters and scammers. They will rip you off and won’t provide anything for the money you will put at stake. It is better to choose other lead providers instead of Set Schedule LLC. I was made a fool out of me and I today also regret that decision.

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  1. SetSchedule Sucks

    I’m certainly luckier than some! I’ve only used their free app and “claimed” leads by paying for them one at a time. I’m out about $20. Not one of the “leads” even knew what I was talking about and had no use whatsoever for a Realtor. This is inexcusable. I’m severing all relations with them.

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