Scott Yancey

Scott extorting in the name of Real Estate Investing

Scott Yancey & Amie Yancey are the big names in real estate industry but its no surprise that duo are scamming people through their seminars.

Not long ago, my husband and I, were watching our Sunday morning routine program on the television. After the program got over, I started changing channels randomly. After changing one after another, I found a program which was titled Real Estate Investing.

This program seemed interesting to us for a couple of reasons: One; my husband and I had made up our minds earlier this year to start putting our money in real estate for getting maximum benefits that were possible.

And coincidentally, this program talked all about, how to invest in real estate. Two; this program featured celebrities like, Flipping Stars from Vegas and the famous pair, Scott and Amie Yancey.

As my husband and I were planning to put our money into real estate, we have been inquiring as well as learning few materials that were available on real estate. We have been attending seminars of Remax Advantage Plus and Minnesota Realtor Investors group.

I have personally taken interest and made sure that I have purchased and read books like Land Trusts, forming LLC’s, Real Estate Investing and Financing Real Estate. The other reason to mention our research on real estate investing is, to make sure that whoever reads this, does not think that we went to the seminar that was conducted by Real Estate Investing, with a fold on our eyes.

On the other hand, the seminar was meant to be free of charge; so, it easily convinced me and my husband to register for it. I still remember how fast things were going i.e. on 31st of June we saw the advertisement and registered for the seminar which was to be taking place on 5th of June. As lucrative the advertisement seemed, so was the seminar in real.

Scott and Amie, who were supposed to be hosts, looked really pleasant on the video that was shown to us at the start. The celebrity pair explained us how they started investing. They said there was a profound reason behind their investment.

According to Amie, they wanted to do some charity for which they decided to give a rejuvenated house to a vet. Steve, being the host instead of Amy and Scott, came forward and started to give a brief about how Scott and Amy started with a reason, we should also participate and join our hands with Abundance Edu.

He explained how Amy and Scott started for a reason, we should all have a reason and start investing. He mentioned how investing 2194 USD, would grant us permission to have information about 100’s of houses that were specially chosen and were bought off tapes of the major banks.

Not just that; he also made sure we were made to see some examples in our own areas. In a nut shell, he seemed very convincing. His offer was simple: his company had access to all these information, if we had to get that information then we had to undergo the training from his company.

After undergoing the training, we were meant to have access to all such houses in our area and in addition to that, we would also have access to the financing which had better rates and interests than the others. In short, he made sure that the offer looked mouth-watering.

My husbands and my motive for attending the seminar was to earn knowledge about real estate investing. We wanted to make sure that if we invested, we made sure, we were bound to receive the benefits.

The offer which was made in front of us was such that, if everything went according to Steve’s saying, we were bound to earn profit. To put pepper and salt on the dish that was prepared, he introduced us to Tish who was from Wisconsin.

Tish was a student of Amy and Scott, she said she got involved in this training as she had a daughter who had given birth to twins. However this twins were born with disabilities. Like me and my husband, Tish and her husband, opted for the training; learned a lot from it and got their daughters problem solved.

This is how we were made to see; firstly the benefit people gained while opting for the training and then, we were made emotional at the same time. Almost everyone who attended the seminar, was emotional and wanted to opt for the program.

I and my husband opted for the training. What started from a free seminar, now took 2194 USD per person from us and what is coming next is even more shocking as well as threatening. In fact, it is extorting. We paid the required fees in installments. This made sure that we would be present in the 3 day training in real estate investing.

It started from 12th June. It was scheduled at Hyatt Regency, here we were greeted by a bunch of four namely: Darin, Garin, Rob and Brandon. Brandon was the one who guided us to our name tags and the information form that we were supposed to fill. This information form was quiet interesting as it asked about our credit card details.

The amount of loan we had on our house etc. etc. It had every confidential information that a person will reveal to only few others. Before the start we happen to sit beside a gentleman who was from Caribbean.

He told us how he and his partner who was from Minnesota, had attended a lot of such seminars. These seminars were put on by Flipping Boston stars, but he informed us how these seminars were scams to get a huge amount that was 30000 USD from you.

In the meantime, Garin, who was the seminar consultant showed up and started shouting on that person. He was literally screaming on that person for talking with us. I wish, I would have understood this signal and would have opted out from the seminar, which I did not. And what came next was worth a lot of learning in every other sense but Real Estate.

We sat down in the seminar room. Then came the devil Garth. Devil Garth kept us turned on with the heat of extortion for the next few hours. He started with informing us to rub our hand for our teacher Deno.

In this exercise, he was an avid observer. He made sure that people who did not do that were punished by his brutal screams. He started saying that from now onwards, till the seminar ends, every other person needs to participate in every other exercise he/she is told to. His exact words were,” I would not tolerate it for long because I am sick and tired of non-doers.” Deno explained us how he began upon his journey in Real Estate investing.

He told us about his wife Melissa. After that we were given a break, but we weren’t allowed to talk with each other. This was very strange, because frankly speaking it would have been nice if people interacted.

Then came Deno again, who told us that for getting access to the tapes and all the information which was promised to us in that free seminar would cost us 30000 USD. It was still afternoon and the real color was starting to shine out. All other lucrative colors faded away and the real color was clearly visible.

Deno did not allow to ask us any question. When an old man in front of us tried asking, he belittled him. This seminar ended somewhere around 6, until which we were completely drained out.

There was no wish to learn anything else about Real Estate in my or my husband’s minds. In lunch break, also we were informed about giving them 30000 bucks and how are they going to benefit us. I think they were really extorting us. Their way of asking, was rather not their way of asking, it was demanding.

They gave us a script, how we should talk to our credit card agencies to get our limits a little bit higher than what it was. I am my husband were in no moods to do that. We had done that a little bit earlier and we could not wish to do that again and again. If that would happen, he would rather demine our limit from what it was. Every moment in that seminar room, was a huge lesson to be learnt.

People should learn after viewing this feedback about how other companies on the name of knowledge, rips Layman off out of several thousands of bucks. There was no teaching and only threatening that we got to know.

We were not having access to a single house or their finances. On further enquiring we got to know that this company has many names. It uses a new name every time so they stay elusive in nature.

However, the amount of specifics that I have written in this feedback would surely make you capable of catching them.


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13 reviews

  1. Scott Yancey Review

    I have attended many free seminars and they actually have sales pitches. But, this seminar was all about aggressive sales. There was nothing beneficial that they told. All the time, they were trying to get us into buying their training packages and lot other things.

    Real estate is a tricky industry and people like these make it even more vulnerable. Scott Yancey is a scam artist and knows nothing beyond lies and fraud.

  2. Don't Waste Your Time

    Don’t waste your time… this is 4 hours of your life you will never get back.
    Nobody you have ever seen associated with the TV show will be there. Some 2nd rate actor (seriously, he used to do dinner theater) spends over 2 hours trying to engage the audience, while promising the moon and the stars at the end of which, they will ask you to part with over a thousand dollars for a 3-day “retreat” where you are supposed to actually learn how to make money in real estate. Clearly, this is how they make their money.
    You won’t actually receive any useful information or learn anything new.
    His computer doesn’t work and in all those hours nobody can fix it.
    The person who he says is coming to give a testimonial will get stuck in traffic and not show.
    The staff is unorganized,
    They won’t even serve you the promised dinner.
    They will hand out a a few bags of turkey sandwiches then say they ran out.
    If they can’t even run an evening sales seminar, why would anyone believe they will support you in your real estate endeavors.
    Run, don’t walk away from this nightmare!

  3. Great insight for exposing bottom feeding low life losers like Scott Yancey and wife.

    Great insight for exposing bottom feeding, low life losers like Scott Yancey and wife.

    I hope these people get charged criminally for their scam.

    Shows these people have no integrity.

    Crooks in real estate…..


    We received one of those “Special VIP Invitation” to one of the Scott & Annie Yancy free seminar on Flipping Houses. An extra incentive was a $60 Starbucks gift and two free resource discs, in addition to a free dinner for myself and guest. It was close by at a hotel and started at 6pm.
    My wife and I were drawn to the possibility of learning something about investing in real estate, plus the idea of getting a Starbucks gift card made it even more interesting.
    Long line when we first arrived at the hotel, we were told that the Starbucks card would not be handed out until the very end.
    First, we heard from Scott & Amie Yancy, giving a bit of their own backgrounds and how they started on this business. It was interesting.
    Then, we listened to a person that seemed very lively, quite a good speaker, but … ultimately kept hyping a 3-day class in Burbank, which they called ‘Retreat’. This is a Friday-Sunday, 9-6pm. Emphasis was made – repeatedly and repeatedly ad nauseum – on how this could change your life, and what ‘excuses’ you could make for NOT attending, one of which was fear. However, this ‘Retreat’ would educate you, plus there was a big team waiting to help you with all their research and information available. He kept trying to make it so inviting and attractive, and how the price of the ‘Retreat’ kept going down. And they only have a few packets for those that were truly interested in Freedom to do what they want. This took until almost 8 and in the meantime, we were getting hungrier and hungrier.
    Finally, speaker gave a 20-minute break so people could sign up for the ‘Retreat’, after which our turkey sandwich dinner would be handed out… this was getting closer to 8:30 pm! The hotel had put a pickle underneath the sandwich, so the bottom half of the sandwich was soggy.
    Then a testimony by a former student on how great the ‘Retreat’ was and how well he was doing – all due to the class and the wonderful support he was getting.
    Another speaker talked for another hour on Stock Market and various Options and how to make money regardless of whether the market was going up or down. Of course, this tied into those that had signed up for the ‘Retreat’, the cost of the 3-day class for this Stock Market class and of course, the cost kept going down…
    Finally – and mercifully – another 20-minute break so students could ‘stream back’ to sign up, and then it was finally over. We all lined up to get our free Starbucks gift card… BUT whoa! It’s not a gift card that they’re handing out straight to you, but a form to fill out and mail to some place … it turns out that if you BUY something at Starbucks, so much per month period, you will EVENTUALLY get $60 worth of redemption from Starbucks! AND they were quick to point out that if you do NOT receive anything in the mail, it is NOT their fault, and you have to go after the place that it’s mailed to! AND no resource discs either.
    SOOO – four hours in our lives that we’ll never get back, “starved” for 2+ hours, soggy turkey sandwich, no Starbucks $60 gift for attending, no resource discs, and just promotion after promotion to attend their ‘Retreat’.
    Talking to a couple attendees, most were a bit ticked off by how long the seminar was, the constant talk of the ‘Retreat’, and how we had to wait the entire 4 hours for the ‘free’ Starbucks gift card, which didn’t turn out to be a gift card at all.
    SAVE YOUR TIME AND ENERGY. Seems to be a huge scam!

  5. Wanna Be Real Estate Investor's

    They don’t make their money investing in Real Estate. They make their money by selling courses and seminars. They are actor’s.


    The REVIEW was great, very detailed, and informative. The SEMINAR is nothing but an upsell to spend more money. It seems like everyone is rating your review as if your asking them to rate the seminar. It sucks your average is taking such a hit here’s a 5 star hope it helps.

  7. Sounds too good?

    They’ve been running the infomercial for Columbus all week. I usually skip past it.
    Tonight I bit and hung around long enough to get the website. The website isn’t very informative. Lots of small text.
    Then I started looking for sites that say they are scammers. Far more of these and more entertaining.
    Don’t get hooked by their lies.
    Btw, the commercial I saw featured a buffet.

  8. STOP!! Don't belive the commericals and advertisemets. Buyer Beware!

    It just erased everything I wrote. What the other reviewers say is true.

    They make their money by selling courses and seminars.

    Scott Yancy didn’t even bother to show up.

  9. Don't be a Fool, Dont do It

    I am a real estate investor. I did it without the help of the Yancy seminar. Yes, I plunked down over $45,000 when all was said and done….I did not get someone from Utah to help me nor did I get a trip to Utah for help….. I didn’t get much of anything….It was a bust… did give my accountant a good laugh at my expense. I would have been much better off using my money to buy another property……

  10. Don't be a Fool, Dont do It

    Did the whole thing….Yup, over 30,000. when the dust settled actually Mich closer to $50. 000. Even whenn you pay the 30 000. they hit you up for $20,000 more…….lets get together for a class action suit…..Don’t do it……it’s a scam.

  11. Dont be me, learn from my mistake.

    They are cons and I experienced the whole thing. They sold me a dream and did not follow thru with anything that was promised. I am embarrassed to say this but I was took for well over $45000 and my credit obliterated.
    We were promised a one on one trainer to come to Oklahoma to help us do our first deal and this never happened.. We were also supposed to have a mentor to work with us thru 5 deals or 1 year. That was not the case at all.. However, We did have a mentor who advised us on several ways to con people thru loopholes and unethical and illegal transactions which we refused to do. Luckily my wife is a realtor and knew the laws on this..
    Please learn from my gullible, stupid, mistake and do not fall into the trap of promised credit line, trainers, mentors, and hope of making it with their team.
    The best bet for those who still want to learn is find a local REIA group and or local realtor who works with investors.

  12. I got scammed

    It was awful and I feel like a dumb sucker!
    The free seminar was packed full of people that looked too broke to lose money and they seemed desperate to hear the message of how to get rich like Yancey.
    During the seminar there were no questions allowed. Some guy was there at the end to give a testimonial of his success and lived in our area. The speaker was good. He hit all of the emotional buying triggers.
    Just before I put down $1k for the 3-day retreat, a man walked up to me and asked me if I thought it was legit. I have been alive long enough to know when God is talking to me, warning me. But I didn’t listen because I was so motivated to learn.
    I went home and talked to my friend who is a realtor. She said to be sure it’s not a scam and she heard things from investors she works with.
    I started looking online and there it was. All over the internet videos warning people of this exact group posing under Yanceys name and taking money from people like me that attended the free seminar. How the next three days will be focused on getting another $20k out of me. No other training occurs.
    Listen, I’m even using a different name because I’m that embarrassed to admit I was scammed. I’m a single parent and can’t afford to make these types of mistakes. If you do this you are gambling with money and wasting your time.
    Go to Vegas with your money and enjoy wasting it there rather than this awful scam!
    You e been warned.

  13. Real Estate Income Event Mail Invitation Scam

    I received the Real Estate Income Event Mail Invitation Scam for “Make Money With Income Properties” From the Real Estate scammers themselves Scott & Amie Yancey today in the mail which I never signed up to or would ever sign up to any Real Estate scam as I know better and have a job that pays great and is legit. This is for dumb,mentally ill,poor lazy people who don’t know any better,do not believe Scott and Amie Yancey’s BS nor attend any of their events it’s all a scam and BS just like all the other Real Estate idiots out there and on the cable commercials. It sad that they are now using the company Target now to thrive people to come to their events and sign up to receive a monthly $250 Target Gift Card? lol they need to be shut down soon! or Target themselves should file a lawsuit or sue this Brady Bunch Couple Scott and Amie. It’s only a short matter of time that these two scumbags get what they deserve and lose everything lol

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