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Worked With Team Panella And Was Disappointed

I worked with Team Panella and was disappointed. Scott Panella was recommended to me by another agent, that I had worked with successfully selling my house, in another state.

Upon meeting Scott he was friendly and sounded like a stand up guy and introduced another member of his team, Adam.

Well, Adam became the primary agent showing us around. The problem is the 1 time Adam was showing houses he seemed preoccupied by his phone.

Seemed cocky, had his name on his belt like someone was going to take it (honestly, I wondered if his mom puts his name in his underwear as well, so he don’t lose it in real estate camp).

After the day of not wanting to be bothered my wife and I said we wanted to check out open houses that Sunday and we would get back to him.

Well, we did and asked him to get information for two separate houses (I sent it in text so he had a digital copy of what I wanted) and also sent the information to Scott to make sure.

Adam only got information on one of the houses and totally dropped the ball on the other. So I tell him I still want to know.

The next thing I get a message from Adam that he has great news. I’m thinking he got the information I asked for.

NO, the other house is on contract and asked me if I want to put an offer in on the only house he got me information on.

I’m not sure how that is good news other than he thought he I would automatically put an offer on the one place and his job was over with doing very minimum work.

Well, I gave them another shot at listening and following directions. It’s a week or so later and I see on Zillow that a property was taken off market and then put back on, so I ask Adam about it via text (mind you, it’s kind of late at night so I’m not expecting an answer until morning).

Adam gives me a BS answer (an answer that was generic about how some sites update and others don’t. Nothing about the question).

I’m like let’s try this again so you can look before answering. Again more BS. Finally, I screenshoted what I was talking about to him so he can see since so far he is 0-2 in answering my question and it’s clear that he hasn’t looked it up.

So for a third and final time about BS answer. Now I don’t know how hard it is to be honest and say I don’t know, let me check tomorrow when I can talk to the other agent or anything other than a generic response clearly showing that you didn’t even look or check.

That’s when I had enough a fired him on the spot. Then I get told by Adam to calm down and we can talk tomorrow because that would be better.

I was like I’m sorry I meant you are fired since the first time I used your instead of you are/you’re because this is all via text (I like digital proof also less confusing).

I also email Scott to let him know what had transpired.

I get messages on my phone about how sorry he is and he knows he can make it right and how he still wants to be my agent and how they take referrals seriously.

All I’m thinking is that he is acting like a crazy ex girlfriend by the way he is calling me.

Also thinking that if he took referrals seriously, why did he even have Adam work with me to begin with? He also said he was surprised by Adam.

Hell considering their website says Adam works with the homeless, I figured helping me would up his alley since I’m staying in my brother’s basement with my wife and two kids trying to find a place to live since I just retired from the military.

I also see from thier website that Scott also does volunteer work. So now I’m like, maybe he doesn’t really care about his actual job, or maybe if I was a goat he would have listened to my needs the first time.

Then he reached back to the person who recommended is to him and got my wife’s number and tried to plead with her.

Snitch move, but I get it. The only thing is, if you are really trying to earn my business, how come when you called me or my wife, Scott did not bring the information that I asked Adam for to begin with.

Like does he not talk to his employees. I guess not. That’s probably why he was surprised because he doesn’t listen to clients needs or communicate with his staff.

Or if Scott wanted my business, why did he not continue to send me listings and ask to show them to me.

All I’m saying is that if someone wants me to hire them back, they need to give a little extra and earn my trust back.

He showed me no more listings, never gave me my answer, nor did he offer any kind of incentive if I hired him or his team back.

Now I have had a month or so to cool off, I figured I would write this review.

Maybe he is good as a seller’s agent just not a buyer’s agent I guess.

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