Scott & Amie Yancey

Scott and Amie Yancey are the real scammer

I am an old lady. I barely know how to operate computer. For posting this complaint also, I had to take assistance of my son as I felt this was important.

Boots on Ground conducted a seminar in Denver by Yancey Co owned by the fraudster Scott Yancey. The title of the workshop was “Making money with income properties”.

They informed that the classes will happen in Los Vegas, Nevada. I informed these guys that I did not know how to handle computers or for that matter any other electronic device.

They assured me that they would take care of everything on phone and asked me to pay $30,000 for that assistance. I paid through credit card and trust me, I am having huge problems paying my credit card company as I am an old lady and do not have a job.

Again, during the Boots on the Ground’s summit at the Las Vegas, I got all my IRA to Accuplan, it was also worth $30,000. They have made me suffer a lot. My doctor appointments have surged as they have increased my stress. My high blood pressure has risen and I am unable to sleep because of anxiety and frustration. I have started working long hours to be able to pay the credit card debts.

Later, they bought a house with my trust after 4 months of my payment. They said that the property was in bad condition and would require some fixes. They told me that they had already spent $7000 for the fixes and sent me a settlement agreement for $10000. I was not ready to make any further payments and sign any agreement without a proof.

I asked them to send the pictures of fixes that they did for $7000 and wanted the name of the contractor, they shut me off. They ceased all my calls and did not revert. I tried to call the property manager but that also did not work.

They did not stop here. They kept sending me threatening letters to pay on different properties. The address was also different from the one they sold me. They gave me bills with taxes and other charges that I owned with these properties. My health condition got worse with all that was happening. Finally, I called vital records and Records of deeds and they informed me that I do not own any of those houses for which I was getting threatening letters. They all were listed on different names.

I am sure I would find many other people who have been through the same hell. This post is to get attention of all those who have been scammed and to warm others who could be the next target.

I will be filing a lawsuit against Scott & Amie Yancey soon and I would be easy for me to get through this if I find more people who have been scammed by Boot on the Ground.

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