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REDX provides worthless leads. Beware of them!

So, it starts like this. I would say that I was the one who did not do the research before believing these morons. Sorry for that word, but, I believe that this company REDX Lead is nothing but some group of scammers who are great at making fake promises and then make you think that you are paying for something great.

I am a real estate agent and have been working on my own. Till this date, this was my first experience with a lead company. I have a lot of connections and my old clients help me with the leads, most of the times. However, when I received a call from REDX Lead, I got into their trap. Little did I know, there are lot of companies that lie about the hot leads and then give you numbers that either did not work or are dead ends. You can hardly find a contact that seem interested. And, this company is one among them.

Someone named Mark called me from this company. It rather seemed as a pseudo name because when I called back, they said they do not have anyone named Mark. Anyway, when that guy called, he said that he got my number from a listing and would like to help me with some great leads in my area. He suggested that I was not working with options and he and his company can show me numerous opportunities that were waiting to be explored.

He was a great sales man. He got me in. I paid him in advance and he said that he would help me through market research and field jobs to get clients details. He also added that the money I paid would get me three months assistance. I was happy to know it.

A week passed, and I did not receive any email regarding the lead’s numbers. That is when I called Mark and I was informed that there is no one with that name. After checking with the team, they connected me to the individual who spoke to me during the first call.

He said that he had joined recently and there are very few people who know his name. I did not buy that answer, but that did not matter much. I asked for the leads and he said that he mailed me the same day. When I denied receiving the file, he asked for my email address again and send me the mail with the leads.

Finally, I received it. But, when I started calling those numbers, I was disappointed to see the results. Not even a single person was interested. They all had listed their number long back and most of them had already got what they wanted. Many numbers did not work.

It seemed that the data was old, and I was forwarded some old list. I mailed Mark and asked for an explanation, but, he did not reply. I have been trying to reach him from a week, no luck.

This is a fake company, this is all I can say.


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