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We were fooled and left unanswered by Red Tree Real Estate

I should have known, it would not end well. We contacted them to see some places to rent. We were looking for a place in urgency and needed to shift right away. These people from Red Tree Real Estate wanted to know about our expectations and scheduled the appointment to see some options. We were okay with that.

We selected few after checking the photos and the amenities around. They invited us to see the first apartment. So, we reached on time. It was raining heavily, and these people let us wait for more than an hour before showing up. The person who came to show us the flat, did not apologize as well. On the contrary, he directly asked us to follow him.

It was unexpected, and we were already soaking in water. So, we wanted to be quick. Instead of asking the reason and delaying the process, we ignored his unprofessionalism and followed him. He showed us the place, in and out. It looked decent and we were finding it reasonable as well. But, it had some problems that we needed him to fix.

First and foremost, heating was bad. We felt that when we were reviewing the place. He said that the heater worked but only at 90 degrees. Every house had a radiator and one room has heater. The radiators needed high temperature to operate which made it could have made it too hot to stand. So, we wanted that to be fixed as well.

After leaving, we finalized things with him and asked him to mail the details with all the said corrections. We waited for a week. After a week, we received an email stating that they were showing that place to other people who were ready to pay lease for the next year as well. When we consulted them at first, they said that they would be giving us an option to renew it later. They also promised that they won’t be showing that place unless we denied the occupancy.

It seems they were interested in money and nothing else. So, we tried to talk them into it. But, they weren’t interested. On top of that, they did not bother and instead of our contract, they signed the lease with another group and put us out of the equation in all sense.

It is unethical, and I will not shy away from considering it a scam. These guys are cheaters. Instead of our contract still in active stage, kicked us out of the place that we were still haven’t rejected. I called them, and they suggested that they would be showing us another place. We denied. We should have denied at the first place when they were trying to be polite and did not bother to stay on time for any of the appointments.

I have dealt with many brokers and some have been rude at times. But, this king of unprofessionalism was never a case. Red Tree real estate firm is full of scammers. Beware of these people.

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