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Real Estate is a scam and uses fraudulent practices

I signed up for the program at Real Estate Express and paid the tuition fee in advance. After two weeks into the course, I took my final exam. The company provided three attempts and I only wanted to check the questions, never expecting to pass in the first try.

The maths section of this exam was really difficult. I am pretty competent in this subject; however, the questions were tough, and I had never used these calculation since high school.

The course requires 70% to pass and in my first attempt, I secured 68% and I was impressed by my performance, given that the course was still remaining, and I had never used most of the theories and laws since long. My familiarity with these laws was weak, rather, I was so close of the required percentage. The test was for three hours long. It was rigorous.

Although, I received my MLO, but the course was huge and there was much to complete. So, I continued studying for next 3 months and completed a lot of sections with great command. I learned about Value Determination, Marketing and dvertising Laws, Authorized AGENCY relationships, Property Rights, Commissions, Contractual Agreements, Cap Rates, Sections, Acreage Determination etc. You would be amazed to know that I even learned to calculate doc stamps when I had little to no knowledge about all these topics.

I worked hard, and I was confident about the next try. I even revised all the sections and tried to mug up every detail related to the real estate laws. There were no loop holes that I left as I wanted to clear the exam with amazing result.

After preparing and completing almost every part of the syllabus, I sat for the exam again. It was my second try and I knew the difficultly level, however, this time I was well prepared.

When I checked the questions, I could not stop my excitement. Most of the questions were identical. I knew answers to all those questions. In my first attempt, I made sure that I learn about every question that I could not complete. This time, the exam took less time for me to complete. There was no way to fail as I knew I had given my best.

However, when the results came, more than disappointment, I was angry and frustrated. My score was 68% when I knew the correct answer for 90% of the question, without solving them. I did not leave any question.

This was not possible, and I believe that my score was manipulated. Or, they must be having some kind of bug in their system. When I attempted the exam without preparation, I was able to score 68%, and after I knew most of the answers by heart, I received the same percentage.

I affirm that Real Estate Express is not true about the scores of its students. Otherwise, I would have not failed in my second attempt. This should be highlighted in front of Real Estate Division.

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