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Bob’s online lead generation system is a scam

I was contacted by Bob Fitzgerald. He claimed that his coaching through prospecting works can help me gain insight into few great leads in the realtor market. I was impressed with the numbers he showed me. He said that there are thousands of realtors around the country who were part of his program and were making huge profits. He said that all I needed to do was follow their instructions and they would provide great leads in my locality.

I was a new one into real estate business and anything seeming helpful was important to me. I could not give another thought before paying them the advance fee amount of $5000. I also agreed because he told me about the money back guarantee. So, I got interested in giving that opportunity a chance.

They provided details of the online account on my name and there were seminars and webinars held for us. When I started attending those sessions, I understood that they were doing a favour only on themselves by calling themselves experts. Others who were involved with Bob were Meg Miller, Cheri Washburn, Ryan Wood and many others.

I tried to follow their instructions for some time, in a hope of getting good leads. I tried to enter my old leads contact details and those who were not reachable. Whatever I knew, I uploaded in their system. Their system did not work all the time. There were problems often. I had to call their team who never seemed to worry about it.

So, finally, I asked for a refund. I called Bob and even tried to contact other members of the company. But, no one answered. They put me through long hours of wait and my mails were deleted at their first sight. I made various attempt to get my money back, but they came up with different excuses to delay my refund.

I was angry and shouted on Bob when I got hold of him on phone. I am not that kind of person, but he left me with no choice. He shouted back. He started using ‘F’ word and cursed me for my incompetency.

The best part is, they never mentioned it on the contract about the LandVoice, a system that generated leads for them and I was responsible for generating those leads for them. So, in short, they were using their coaching and lead offerings to create leads for themselves. What a phony company and people associated with the company.

Their program is not even worth $1. They threat people who join them for getting leads. They won’t refund money even if you will ask them right away after paying for the program. Everything is a lie about the program. All the promises are good for nothing.

Bob is the master mind behind the program and has scammed many realtors like me. He preys on the new ones as they have less experience and are vulnerable. He is a scammer.

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