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Prime Seller is a scam company offering dead end leads

I am a real estate agent and have been working for 25 years. I have met many people, and some were scammers too. I knew about the reviews of Prime Seller leads which was not so great. However, I still got trapped into their scam.

I got a call from Josh, who is the owner of the company. He offered me few great leads from my area. At first, I was sceptical because of their useless leads. I was not sure what to expect from them, but the guy was good at his speech. I was impressed and somehow believed him for his offerings.

I signed up for the account through his online portal and the amount was deducted right away. They put me on the auto renewal plan which I never opted. I did get some leads and started contacting them. I was very disappointed to find out that the leads were pathetic. There was nothing so great about the leads that I paid for them.

I could have generated those through facebook or other sources. I did not take much time to think and cancelled the policy for a refund. When Josh called me, he informed that their refund policy was strict, and they do offer 100 percent refund if the request is generated within the time specified on their website. I did the same.

In only few days, I cancelled the services and called them to refund the amount. They did not do it. I called them again and they said that they would initiate the process and it would take some time. I waited for another 20 days.

Instead of a refund, my bank account was charged with another month’s subscription charges. I called them. They did not have any information about the cancellation. Neither they had the refund request in their system. Was it an individual mistake or a full proof plan? But, I was the one who lost the money.

I called Josh, but he did not accept my call. He did not reply to my mails. So, I had to deal with the customer service department. Since then, I have made hundreds of calls, only to find a new excuse every time.

Josh never replied and the people from his office made me go around about my issue, every time I called them.

It has been a month more and I have not received my money. This time, the amount was not deducted, but still I am waiting for the lost amount. The company is a scam and Josh is a fraud. He never returned my calls and all the reviews on the internet, claiming him jerk, is all true.

If you ever come across this person’s or his company’s name, never lend your money. He has nothing to offer apart from the scam. So, beware of Prime Seller Leads and find some good option instead.

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6 reviews

  1. Ivortex Media is a bogus company. Do not sign up for Prime Seller leads!

    This company has double and triple billed us since August of 2017. They will not return calls or emails. They generate support tickets but never follow up saying the credit is being processed. If you are involved with them, I would check your credit card statement. They are able screen any calls and send your call to voice mail never following up. Josh Grund will not respond to messages on his facebook or mastermind pages and somehow able to eliminate any post you may put up. These guys are scam artists and very bad news

  2. Bogus reviews

    Always have had excellent service with this company and never have had any billing issues as described above. Seems like another company trying to discredit a competitor using an extortion site. Recommend people stop believing the fake news sites such as this one and read the real reviews. I have had 10 listings from PSL and not one issue with support or anyone answering the phone. They are one of the few companies in the lead generation marketplace that actually do. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Bot posts are the worst

    Obvious bot posts, I like how its the same text posted twice in a row, kind of funny actually. I have used Prime Seller Leads off and on since 2014. When ever I need leads, its where I go. I don’t know why i’m wasting my time doing this review other than I hate bot posts.

  4. AWFUL

    DO NOT USE PSL ISA!!!!! they took my money and made 0 calls 0 appointments, i have tried them twice now hoping for better and they beyond brutal, save your time do NOT hire these guys. i’m fighting to get my money back for zero appointments made in 5+ weeks after feeding them lots of warm leads…

  5. AWFUL!!!!

    DO NOT USE PSL ISA!!!!! they took my money and made 0 calls 0 appointments, i have tried them twice now hoping for better and they beyond brutal, save your time do NOT hire these guys. i’m fighting to get my money back for zero appointments made in 5+ weeks after feeding them lots of warm leads..

  6. Unethical Billing Practices-Double & Triple Charges

    Charged me 3 times $199 in April of 2018.

    Took me 2 weeks of calling repeatedly to have the double charge refunded. Once the double charge was refunded they charged me another $199 within 4 days. All of this in the same month!

    I asked Heather in customer support why was this happening and she told me she didn’t know why and couldn’t do anything about it. Of course this was after she had told me she was over the ENTIRE accounts department and that there was no manager to speak to because she was it.

    Just bad customer service and unethical billing practices.

    If you know the system over bills why not fix it?

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