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Worst Experience Ever!

This company tried dismissing my review on google saying my review was directed towards the landlord, when I’m reality, PMR had control over my entire situation while living there and place where I needed to report any maintenance issues and paid rent to!

They always promised to get my situations resolved, but DID NOTHING! Do not listen to them if they comment on this with the same lies. This is a warning, do not rent any apartments from this company.

I moved into an apartment last year and paid rent on time every month. A few months after moving in, I noticed a terrible mold smell in the public hallway.

A neighbor went down into the basement while it was open (by the guy who does the trash) and found a lot of black mold down there.

I told the super several times and he said there were dead rats rotting down in the basement, but no mold.

I continued to push him on it because I have asthma and other people in the building told me their visitors were getting sick and couldn’t stay there.

After being unable to get the super to fix it, I started calling and emailing Premier Metro Realty.

They are who I paid each month and who the electronic maintence requests would go through online. I tried so many times and no response.

I called them, left messages, emailed for over 6 months. I even tried contacting Michael, the realtor that helped show the apartment, no reply.

I was begging them to fix it in writing too, through the online maintence portal. Everything was documented, I even sent them texts from the super telling me he was not going to fix it.

I really needed their help fixing this, I felt so terrible and like I could not breathe, as the toxic smell was coming into my apartment from the hallway.

Finally after 3 months of my last attempt to contact them, I notified 311. About 15 minutes later, the super called and landlord, president (Bobby) of PMR texted me.

He threatened to not renew my lease since I hadn’t re-signed (I tried to resign, but PMR never emailed the paperwork).

Essentially, I was month to month. So he said I should leave and that I am doing this for fun, all this threatening illegal stuff.

So then I had to find a new place to live, as I have asthma and cannot live in an environment with black mold.

So I tried calling PMR (Janet) to sort everything out and she said I should just move out..that after I reported them to 311, that was it..they won’t re-sign me.

So I rushed to find a new place and put in 30 days. I throughly cleaned my place and had the super do a walk through, but surprise, I did not receive my full deposit…most of it, but not all of it.

I’ve tried contacting Bobby and PMR directly..even tried contacting their accounting department because it was a mistake.

I even asked what the charge was for..No response by email after continuing to follow up and not willing to give me back the remaining amount.

I called numerous times and asked to speak to Bobby the president, but he conviently was not there every time.

This company caused me major health issues, a great deal of stress, and have no empathy for humans at all. Worst experience ever.

Please do not sign a lease with PMR, because you will greatly regret it. Please take this review seriously and do not work with them!

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