Postaprop is a scam, never pay them the service fee

I signed up with the whose services were active for 48 hours. It was mentioned that the refund was available if we cancelled before 48 hours. We tried the website for couple of hours. After only 24 hours, the website became haywire. It felt as if it was designed by an armature and did not have the information at the places where we saw it at first. The pictures were all over the text and were archaic.

It is not unusual, we tend to register with companies being professionals. With few, we carry it forward and others we leave behind. Genuine companies refund the money without any hassle and few even refund without having a refund policy in place. I have been doing this for a long time and have come across few companies that go beyond their limits to offer help. Sometimes, we recommend these companies to other, with a feeling that if not, it will provide a great customer experience for sure.

But, companies like Postaprop only scares you. When we requested a refund, the company started bombarding us with insulting messages and mails. They were rude and beyond being in professional. He wrote us that we needed help as we were some morons looking out for time pass. We were directly told that the problem persisted with our network and they did not even bother to check their side for errors.

I even asked to help with the technical fault, if there was any at our end, they denied. The manager said that it was our headache and we should do it ourselves. When we carried out emails asking refund, they started sending the terms of their services and no refund clauses that was different when we signed up.

They threatened us for charges and said that they can drag us to the court, if we still try to bother them with the refund emails. It is a company’s call to have a refund policy in place or not. But, the way they went crazy to insult their customer was not acceptable. In my 21 years of business, I have never come across a company that has such a free time to argue with a customer.

Not even this, I was shocked to see the arrogance that they portrayed. It left me without words. The amount was nothing compared to the reputation that was on stake for the company. However, the manager did not seem worried about it at all. He made us furious and got the negative feedback for only $37. You can estimate the kind of services they are offering to their customers.

Never ever use their services. The company is bogus and unprofessional.

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