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The People On Here Are Saying About Dustin Is TRUE

Let me make this as plain as I possibly can: DO NOT LIVE HERE. Everything that the people on the people on here are saying about Dustin is TRUE are saying about Dustin is TRUE.

He woos you in with a sweetheart deal on a gorgeous apartment and then REFUSES to do basic upkeep or follow through on essential landlord responsibilities.

He tried to make ME pay for pest control when our entire building became infested with mice (it probably still is, to be honest).

He promised the moon over and over but never delivered on anything. He will jack your rent up and unilaterally try to suck you into damaging lease modifications that give him all kinds of power that he shouldn’t have.

THEN, when you move out, he’s gonna steal your entire security deposit because he knows that it’s a pain to go to small claims court to get it back.

I’m currently fighting him in small claims court now. He has refused to return a penny of my $750 security deposit because, he says, he needs to repaint and I left some thumbtacks in a kitchen drawer.

All this, despite the fact that I lived in the apartment for 3 years and it hadn’t been repainted when I moved in.

He steals your security deposit to subsidize his own business. When I contacted him about it, he told me that he is a multi-millionaire and drives a $100k car so he can afford to wait to me out. He’s a slumlord, except he lords over reasonably nice apartments.

He even threatened to take me to court for defamation if i posted a review of my experience.

I’m not afraid though, because truth is an absolute defense to defamation, and every last thing I’ve said has been true.

Oh, PS – he’s also recently changed the name of the management company to Hensley & Associates in order to avoid all the negative press that Plexpara was getting.

As far as I can tell, he’s changed the name of the management company several times over the last few years, probably all for this reason.

There’s no reason to change the name of a company if you’re building a good reputation.

He’s in court more often than the county attorneys and it’s always over stuff like this.

I have friends who are real estate agents and they tell me that they won’t even recommend one of Dustin’s properties to their friends because he’s such a shady character.

I wish I had never met Dustin Hensley and if I ever have to see him again, it’ll be too early.

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