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WORST PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY EVER! Before you read this and think I’m just an upset renter – prior to our move I worked for a nationally recognized property management company for 5 years.

So I understand what should be expected from a property manager/ management company.

The lack of knowledge, customer service, follow ups, and the blatant lying Patterson Schwartz should be embarrassed. What a joke the company is!

We moved to DE in August and yes we had to be prequalified before we would be allowed to see any properties.

That is only the beginning… terrible customer service and complete lack of knowledge about the properties they showed us. Not to mention they flat out lied to us more than once.

When we first started to look we had to drive back and froth from MD – LINDA BLUE the women we were working with told us she would only show us four places a day and that she wouldn’t show us anything after 3pm.

When we would look at a place LINDA BLUE would just open the door for us and stand there while we looked around – didn’t walk around with us or give us details about the places.

When asking LINDA BLUE questions she would say she didn’t know and have to get back to us.

Next she showed us places with applications already pending on them. Yes, I know they show pending places just in case the application is declined but she wouldn’t tell us until we would say we wanted to put an application down ourselves – this happened a few times while looking.

Once we finally found the place we are currently living in we looked at it before hand and were assured it would be professionally cleaned before we moved in.

The only thing they actually cleaned was the carpet. I know because the carpet was GREY before we moved in now it is cream… I’ll tell you how I know they didn’t clean anything else.

Before the cleaning the guest bathroom medicine cabinet was FILLED with the last renters personal effects – meaning contacts, razors, shaving cream, medicine, toothpaste, hair products, etc.

The bathtub was filthy with black spots and hair all over the bottom and there wasn’t a showerhead on the spout for the shower.

Next our master bathroom – in the bottom of the shower there was a dark cream scum ring that took up the entire shower floor for the most part.

The bathtub wasn’t clean along with the toilet either. Those are just a few things – I won’t keep going because it will take up to many pages.

When we called to let them know the place hadn’t been cleaned and explained we new because the stain in the bottom of the shower was still there along with everything in the guest bathroom medicine cabinet plus many other things.

The response is that the cleaning lady tried to bleach the bottom of the shower twice and couldn’t remove the stain.

BULLSHIT! I took a regular scrubbing brush and scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner and cleaned it myself and guess what? The stain came right off.

The showerhead that was missing in the guest bathroom never got put on. Instead they just put a new showerhead in the plastic packaging on the bathroom sink.

The personal effects in the medicine cabinet were still there. All 3 toilets still weren’t cleaned and the list goes on and on.

Granted “the cleaning company” they are the ones cleaning the house not the management company.

But why you wouldn’t check the property after it had been cleaned knowing new residents were moving in and made you aware of these issues.

I always checked places after they were cleaned and can honestly say I have re-cleaned a house or two myself so residents could have a clean place to move into.

I took pictures of everything as well before I re-cleaned our entire place after an entire day of moving.

The final straw that made me sit down and take time out of my day to write this long review was the leak in our bedroom ceiling during hurricane Sandy a few weeks ago.

We called our property manager BRIAN and let him know about the leak. He told us someone would be out to look at it.

It took about four days for the contractor to come out he was there about 10-15mins – took a few photos and said he be back the next day to fix the damage.

No one ever showed up and still hasn’t. We waited a few days given he was probably busy with other similar situations from the storm.

In those few days no one ever called us to follow up and let us know the contractor was a little backed up with other issues.

We finally called BRIAN POMIJE and he said the contractor told him he had sent the proposal but BRIAN POMIJE said he never received it.

So BRIAN POMIJE was waiting to get a new copy. It has now been FIFTENN days since the hurricane came through and no one has been out to fix our ceiling and no follow up. What a shocker.

If you have made it to the bottom of this review please be very cautious about renting from Patterson Schwartz. They are not credible and do not deserve to be in business.

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