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I was looking for a buyer of my home as I was looking to shift to a different place. This is when I came across a lady with many names: Patricia E/ A Robertson/ Michelle L Black/ Michelle La Hall. We had everything going under a real estate contract which left both of us under some ties. The only purpose these kind of contracts perform is, they are meant to be followed. Otherwise they serve no purpose. But it seems that the lady with different names took it in the exact opposite way that it was meant to be taken.

It’s been above four years, there have been innumerable instances when she came up with breaking contract, by one or the other means. Some of those instances is what I have got listed with me and would like to share. First and the most impactful one was when she and her son teaming up with each other hiked the bill of water more than $4000. Not only did they had such an enormous amount of bill but also did they not pay it to the city utility board. While enquiring further, I came to know that they had obtained water usage by stealing water through the backyard of the property that was above the house. Basically after they were denied water supply, they illegally broke in to another house and stole their water.

This breaking in and stealing led to destruction of the plumbing inside the house. They connect the water faucet to a business and American Legion was in violation of many things including the one that I have mentioned above. Apart from that whenever, it was the day of payment, they never paid me either fully or anything. Unless you are under the contract you need to make sure you do not damage the interiors of the house you are living at. But this wasn’t the case in case of her. She damaged most of the interiors of my home, which was also not following the contract.

After three years of our union, I realized she did not pay utility bill for water usage. She also violated some of the important ordinances of city, which they expect every citizen living in the city to obey. When I enquired profoundly I found that I am not the only one with such a complaint. She is really infamously famous for her deeds. Other owners had some or the other issues with her regarding the damage she made to them. They never made any effort to repair what was broken by them, instead she always used to blame me for those damages. She really needs to understand the importance of law and she needs to people who live their lives peacefully by obeying the law. Otherwise she will keep on repeating such mistakes again and again. I RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM SUCH IRRESPONSIBLE TENANTS AND SAVE YOUR HOME BY NOT GIVING IT TO THEM.

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    Patricia E stayed in my neighbor for almost a year and that whole year was spent in arguing with her about one or the other thing. She would usually invite people to fight on her behalf. Sometimes her son and sometimes her friends.

    She is a mess and finds reason to fight with others. She was great at making small issues into big fights. It is better to stay away from such psychopath.

    She can be dangerous.

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