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Online Sale Land uses illegal tactics to run its business

I got the information about the Online Sale Land LLC through internet search and they provided the details of a land I instantly got interested in. I agreed to the terms and they provided me the information about the payments and the duration I had to make that payment. I paid for few months as they told me they would be sending me the Parcel ID in few days. Those days turned into months, but they never mailed it to me.

I started calling then every now and then and sending them emails as well. But, they never replied with an answer that made me happy. I contacted the county clerk of Minnesota region and they informed me that the property did not belong to them. They had sold that land to me illegally.

It was the next payment date and I was waiting for them to pitch in. So, I did not make the payment on time. When they called, I told that I would not be making any further payment until they gave me the Parcel ID. Then they told me their plans and the truth about the land.

They said that they were not legally allowed to sell that property. However, they were planning to divide the property and allotting me the land that I bought from them, after I had made the payment in full. It was an illegal explanation to the problem and I was not going to buy that. So, I asked them to return the amount and keep the land to themselves.

To this, the guy on the phone said that he would get me the answer in a week’s time. But, he vanished. There was no call made from the company and I had to call them for the refund.

The person on the phone said that the amount was not refundable and once the land is owned, it stays that way. If I would not pay the remaining amount, the land will be gone as well as the money I had paid till date. This is unprofessional and a fraud that needs attention.

These guys must be doing the same thing with others and as I have tried to escalate the issue, there would be others who will come forward as well. I am sure that many would not know that they paid for the asset which was never with Online Sale Land and would have purchased after the person would have paid in full.

I am going to report this scam and would see that the company and its owners are dealt the way these frauds are dealt like. This is unprofessional and unethical. If I would have continued to pay for the land, they might have never allotted that land to me at the end as well. Companies like Online Sale Land are always looking for people who are naïve and can easily get into their trap, but I am not among those people and would make sure they are punished.

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