Olympic City Real Estate

Horrible, Just Disgustingly Horrible

Disgusting does not begin to describe their treatment! I found a listing of theirs on Craigslist which linked back to the site Naked Apartments.

Both listings had 2 different numbers. I called the one from CL and a woman answered.

She seemed nice at first and we scheduled a time to see the apartment the next day (Sunday at 12pm). She asked me to call her an hour in advance to confirm.

The next day I called her 3 times in the morning and it went straight to voice mail each time. I left a message but no one called back.

So when it neared 12pm I called the other number in the Naked Apartment’s site for the same apartment. This time a man answered (Mohamed Bessai) I never got the girl’s name.

Anyway I explained to him the situation, that I was supposed to see the place and she isn’t answering so if he could show me the place if I get there and she still doesn’t get back to me by then. He said he can do that.

So at 12:10 I call the girl again while standing outside their office. She finally answers and says in a rude tone that I should have called before coming.

I told her I did, 3 times and left a message and she never answered. Then she says in a condescending way “and yet you still came”. I said of course I did, I came because:

1). I had an appointment
2). I called before hand several times
3). The other guy said he could show me the place if you didn’t make it

She hung up the phone on me. By the way I was not at all raising my voice or being rude. Just calmly stating these things.

Then I called her back and said “we must have gotten disconnected” even though by this point I knew what type of a person she was and that she must have hung up.

She then started to blame me saying she is going to be late for a 12:15 appointment she has.

In my head I was wondering why did she then agree to a 12:00 appointment with me if she had one across town or something 15 min later.

Then she told me if I wait an hour she will show me the apartment at 1pm. So i went back to my car and waited till 1, then 1:30 and tried calling her again. No Answer. As I am writing this it’s 2:00, she never called.

She was obviously giving me the runaround and made me wait with no intention of ever getting back to me.

If these are the types of people Olympic City Real Estate employs I think it’s best for every one to avoid them at all costs.

I lost half my Sunday with this BS. They obviously couldn’t care less about their client’s time.

Horrible, just disgustingly horrible.

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