Old Buckingham Station

Old Buckingham Station rips people money showing fake houses

I got a house on rent through Old Buckingham station. They showed me the part of the complex that was renovated and left me with a shitty place to stay. The part that they allotted me for rent sucks. The stairs were full of spider web and dirt as if they had not made any cleaning for months.

I am not sure how they manage this place because it is not suitable for any person to live. I moved in during winter. The first day, I noticed things that were so frustrating. The valve in the bathroom was leaking and their AC did not work. The heating system went down inspite of the fact that the chilling weather was killing.

After looking at the yard, it was obvious that they never tried to clear the mess after windy days. There were branches of the trees which were laying there for weeks. Later, I realized that rain made the condition even worst. The yard became the mosquito swamp which also was a reason because of moist walls of the complex.

At night, the stray cat will make you go left and right and in the morning the dogs take up their duty. This does not end here. They told me in the beginning of our conversation that the parking lot was sufficient. However, if you are looking for a corner to rest your car in the afternoon, you won’t find even a shade for yourself.

The management staff and the owners are perfect example for greed. They will take out reasons for putting you under lots of unnecessary bills and if you would try to ask questions, they won’t answer. If they answer, they make it a point to show you that they are doing charity accepting your calls.

I was 2 months short from the time to renew my contract before it ended, they sent me the renewal contract. I thought my contract was ending and without wasting the time, I went to their office the very next day to inform them about my decision of moving out to another apartment. I was planning to shift somewhere else and was not at all in a plan to consider the renewal. They replied me by saying that I still had 2 months.

It did not matter anyway. But they tried to convince me to renew the contract for next 15 minutes. They told me that I need not worry about signing the non-renewal form as I had 2 more months to go. I had already got a place and when I paid them the next month’s rent and told them that I would be moving after the next month, they completely surprised me. They told me that that I did not sign the notice 2 months before leaving as per the contract and will have to pay an extra month’s rent.

This is how they cheat people. I was in the office just at the right time, but they did not inform anything about the notice. They are scammers.

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