New York Residence

Unprofessional And Bad Representation

New York Residence needs to run a check on who they employ to represent their company.

I am a retired disabled man, and as I sit and have my morning coffee browsing social media, I come upon a recent public post in which this lady “Mrs. Urbanski” is clearly berating people.

As I read further I begin to think about those people who are reprimanded at work for their bad public behavior.

So I think to myself I wonder what she does for a living to be acting like this. A simple google search concludes she’s a REALTOR.

Yes, one held to high regard and is trusted to help you (for a pretty good pay at that.) Mind you, I am aware this is well within her rights to do as she pleases on her own time.

And I know the topic at hand is of little importance to most people, but mocking people on a public post about the gay community shows her discriminatory nature.

Her rude behavior in a public place where she can be searched (since she is representing her company online) and viewed is unprofessional and bad representation of her company.

A company which should hold their employees accountable to be non-discriminatory and professional while posting publicly.

While what she does on her own time is her business, posting hateful discriminatory PUBLIC comments shows her true colors.

One does not simply throw their discrimination away once they walk into work. She is perfectly allowed to have her opinions and I in no way am saying her opinion is right or wrong, but her rude demeanor to people online shows me what kind of person she is and I would refuse to line the pocket of an agent or company’s that is this unprofessional outside of their workplace.

I write this because as a disabled man, I am very against discrimination and seeing how this lady represents her company online is appalling.

It was not just her opinion that was offensive, but the language she used. Calling people names and berating people. Shame on that young lady.

Granted this company may not be aware of their employees’ actions outside of work, they should be aware of her obvious disregard for others unless she’s a great actress.

To NYR, I’m sorry if this seems like an attack on your company but you should choose wisely on who you choose to represent you!

I do not wish to speak to anyone about this from your company and wish to stay anonymous hence why I am posting a review online.

In a profession where discrimination should be non-existent, you really should make sure your employees are in fact, not discriminatory.

Here is her public behavior for all to see.

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