New Western Acquisitions- Atlanta

Not The Most Honest Group Of Individuals

I purchased an investment property through New Western Acquisitions- Atlanta, which operates as a wholesaler, and I could not regret this decision more. From day one, there were shenanigans involved.

I did not listen to my gut, and I am paying for it dearly, as they are not the most honest group of individuals.

Don’t take their property analysis and valuations for face value: Do your own research, and don’t let them intimidate you, as if you don’t know what you are doing.

The lender I worked with backed out of the deal twice initially, due to these guys throwing proposals together, where numbers were inflated and rehab budgets fixed to meet a certain target in order to have a lender approve the numbers, which did not add up on the back end.

In other words, these guys do WHATEVER they have to do in order to sell you a property and then whatever happens as a result is your problem, and you are on your own.

You will not hear from them again. They require $5,000 down for earnest money, and if you dod not get the property, they will nt refund you your money: It has to be used towards the purchase of another home, which they are not clear about.

Also, DO NOT ACCEPT ANY REFERRALS FROM THEM. They referred 3 different unscrupulous contractors to me: One of them even ended up being on the news for fraud, and another wanted 50% up front.

I was an idiot for ignoring these red flags. I finally went with the 3rd guy they referred; however, you can read my other review on Sensible Home Solutions of GA to get the info on how that contractor is holding my house hostage.

I later found out that they went behind my back and told this contractor how much my budget was, which caused him to come in right at the budget amount, but later try and strong-arm me out of additional funds.

I would expect these people to have a rolodex of reputable professionals, and that is just not the case.

Two of these contractors they found of Craigslist, which is something I could have done myself.

Every-time I speak with someone in the industry about New Western Acquisitions- Atlanta, they have negative things to say, and warned me not to do any further business with them.

Beware before doing business with New Western Acquisitions- Atlanta.

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Atlanta 30305 GA US
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