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Suntrust and their unfair means of business

Just when everything was going right, my mortgage company transferred me to another dump company Nationstar Mortgage. I had my things going well at Suntrust. A balance of $32800 with an outstanding of 12000 USD.

Everything was going well, I used to have a talk with one or the other Suntrust executive at the end of month. Last time when I had a talk with them, they told me everything was running smooth and going to be completed.

I was qualified, all they were working on were some credentials, formalities that needed to be completed. I waited, and waited and am still waiting for a response from Suntrust after that.

First: they did not give any response to me directly. I received a notice from NationStar, saying that my loan was transferred to them. They told me that my mortgage balance was 37800USD.

I needed an explanation from Suntrust about the sudden hike in my balance. Apparently, there was no one who could explain me the reason for my balance hike.

I expected them to give me a principle reduction or else I was going to opt for doing a short sale. I kept doing the procedure legally i.e. filling out applications for modifications, waiting for them to get to me with some or the other explanations.

It was all in verbal communications, which is not the professional way of conveying things. I never had anything in writing from them, which is where my doubt about them burgeoned and reached at saturation.

Shockingly, my colleague came up to me with a news that my house was now being auctioned and sold. I had received no notice about such a serious issue.

Neither Suntrust, nor NationStar thought it responsible to convey such an important message to me. I want everyone reading this, to imagine a situation wherein their houses are getting auctioned without their permission or without even informing them about the auction.

Nothing on my part had ever changed, I was still using the same phone, same mail address. They came, took my property and the items inside it, I could do nothing at all. Just stand there in the corner and see people. I had an attorney to fight for me.

I am sorry to say but even the judge was biased due to some reasons. The case which was supposed to be easily won by me, turned against me and I lost it for no reason. I will always remember this name Suntrust that left my hand at the moment I needed them the most.

Without any notice, no one can ever put your house on auction. In some cases you not only have to notify the owner, but also seek a permission from the same, none of those was done. I have lost my faith in judicial system. They have been sued for a similar condition before in 2014 also.

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