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Monty Malhi cares about money and not his clients

I got a house through Monty Malhi. He is an agent and a realtor. The property’s purchase price was $429,990. The closing date was delayed by the builder many times before giving me a final date for March 2017. While I was waiting for the closing, Monty approached me several times to enquire about the property and was seeming desperate to buy that property.

I got to know his intentions after he cheated me. I thought he was trying to help me, but on the contrary, he was just trying to get his jack fit in the mess. I wasn’t interested at that time. Later, he called me in January 2017, asking if I wish to sell the house. He was direct this time. In the meantime, I went through some rough patch and was not able to pay my mortgage.

I told him that I would like to sell the house and wanted him to find the client before the closing date. That is what he was looking for. He told me that the market is really great and he would find me a client soon. But, as time passed, I did not see any leads coming from him.

I asked him the reason and he gave me some weird excuse. I trusted him with all my money and time only to get scammed. He told me that he had found a lead in Feb 2017 and took days to get him talk to me for the deal. The meeting was fine but later he informed that the buyer is not interested. The buyer did not go through because of some finance issue and he changed his mind.

He kept me going round and round. The month was almost over but he was not able to get me the deal for the house. When he was done making me suffer to find a buyer, he proposed a deal in February. He knew that I was desperate to sell the house before March and he knew when to hit the target.

He said that he would be buying the house. He proposed a lower price and said that I will have to lose a lot if I did not accept it. He told me that I would lose my deposit which I did not want to. I was taken aback. I never knew that he would try to take advantage of my situation.

He paid me $500,000 for the house which was much less than the market value. The market value was more than $675,000. He had that aim of earing that money for himself from beginning. I am sure he must have done to other people as well as he was so trained in what he did to me.

Monty Malhi is not an agent but a parasite who feeds on others money and property.

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  1. Monty Malhi review

    Monty Malhi is a scammer and tries to get you into dead end deals. He uses people to get their money.

    I was conned by him while I was trying to find a property for investment. I did not do my research and ended up paying him extra money for the property that was in a very bad shape. I had to take extra mortgage for the repair.

    Since the time I have bought this property, I have not been able to put it on rent. I mostly stay out of station.

    It is difficult for me to take off and visit the house for repair work.

  2. Monty Malhi is a con artist

    Monty was introduced to me by a friend. I was having a party at my house and he came along with my friend. After checking out the house, he suggested me to sell the house and another in a different region. He told me that it was the hottest destination for real estate investment and people are investing a lot.

    He gave me his number and asked me to call back. Till then, I was not aware of his intentions. So, I tried to check the information myself. After few research, I discovered that all the stats he presented were fake.

    I never called him. He left few messages on my voice mail but I never replied. He is a con artist and knows how to trick people. If you ever come across him, do not believe him blindly. Do your research and then take any decision.

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