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Michael Cox is the new synonym for extorter!

This is about a person named Mike Cox aka Michael Cox. He poses as a buyer, but in real, he is the owner of fair cash now, quick fix real estate and now Coxalonious Real Estate LLC.

What he does is, he buys your house, convinces you at the price he feels is correct and then sells your house at the same day for at least 10000 bucks more than what he paid you.

He does this successfully because of the network that he might possess by owning the above mentioned sites. Mike is a total con man posing in a really nice person’s look so I would like to mention the interaction I had with him just to save other people from falling for his trap.

Mike contacted me via a collection of post cards. He told me that he was interested in buying a house. I have no idea from where did he get the information that I was willing to sell my house. May be he might have done his research in a proper manner and then reached out to me. Anyways, a con is a con and he is not a good person. So, after receiving his post card, I contacted him and we decided to meet.

On our first meeting, he expressed a strong willingness to purchase my house. I am elderly person than him, so I frankly told him my expectations from the house. I trusted him as my younger one. That is where he successfully conned me of $40000. He told me that my expectations were very high and that I could get no more than x amount. His charisma was so trustworthy that it makes anyone fall for him.

That is what exactly happened to me too. I agreed upon having a deal with him for the amount he told me. I did not realize that I was falling for a trap. Not even in my worst nightmares did I think that Mike was planning all this to rob me off my equity! Few days later, Mike’s lawyer calls me up to tell me that they were ready for closing up.

After closing up what Mike did was, selling my place to someone else! I felt like I was being used all this time when he had been coming up to me telling about all the bullshit. I even felt, it is neither ethically correct not economically to practice such a thing with an elderly person like me.

Mike is such a thief. Not only did he purchase my home in a lesser amount that the actual, but also did he made sure he made the most out of it. All of this happened so fast that I needed some time to realize what actually happened with me.

Mike had actually conned me of huge amount. I request everyone to beware of such a con, it may happen that this person comes with a different name maybe a different company. Please be wise enough to identify the pattern that this person uses and then you can track him down.

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  1. Crooks

    These guys are really a quack, DO NOT DEAL.

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