Michael Rosenblum

We had a couple of bad dual agency experiences with him

We first met Michael Rosenblum when we bought our condo five years ago. He was the seller’s agent and we thought that he did a good job so we hired him to sell the same condo for us last fall.

Michael is personable and confident. He made a good impression when we interviewed him before we hired him in the fall. It was all downhill from that point on. We cancelled our agreement with him after six months.Here are our general points of feedback:

1) He convinced us to price the condo higher compared to similar units in the same building. The asking price he suggested was significantly higher than other agents we had talked to. He was either inflating the asking price to get our listing or he did not really understand the market. Neither of those two options are that great. We had very few showings in the last six months.

2) He consistently fell short of the promises he made as he is likely to tell you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear which at the end does not turn out well for anyone

3) He has quite a few listings so your listing with him will be on “auto-pilot”. He provides basic online and email marketing (which is quite ineffective if you think about how many emails you receive a day) and has an assistant who schedules the rare showings that come up but if you are expecting proactivity (e.g., reaching out potential buyers, doing an open house, etc.) from Michael, forget about it.

4) He seems to think good customer service is being responsive with emails which might work well when you are in a healthy market with a lot of showings but when you are in a slow market; his approach of waiting, trying to market online and “being zen” does not work.

5) Michael likes to talk about “supply and demand” and “global macroeconomic environment” when you ask him questions about where the market is going and what he suggests. However, when you start probing him on these topics, you realize he does not really have much depth (my assessment as someone who works for a global strategy consulting firm) and it is the same 2-3 talking points he consistently goes back to.

6) Finally, we had an interested buyer in the fall but Michael took a really long time (about three weeks) to close the deal which then fell through. He likes to talk about how he does not pressure people (which is fine) but I expect my agent to follow up to make things happen and run a tight process to get a deal done. If you are considering Michael, I would highly encourage you to RECONSIDER, especially:

1) If he suggests a higher price compared to other real estate agents you are interviewing
2) If he brings a buyer he is representing (We had a couple of bad dual agency experiences with him). I would specifically ask him how long he has known the potential buyer and if that time frame is longer than you have known him, it is worthwhile to ask more questions
3) If you are a first time seller and need someone who can guide you through the process
4) If you need to sell fast or the market is soft (because his “zen” approach does not work)

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