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DO NOT Use The Services

If you are looking for someone to help you sell your home DO NOT use the services of Michael “Mike” DiFonzo!

This man “helped” me to sell my home in the Bellefonte neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware two months ago and I strongly regret using his services.

If I had it all to do over again, I would definitely choose someone else as my realtor.

When you meet him he comes off as a nice man and may even refer to you as his “friend,” but when it comes down to it, he only cares about making his commission, NOT getting the best price for your home, or his clients’ best interests.

He often spoke to me in a patronizing manner when we signed paperwork together.

When I expressed my concerns with him about the process of selling my home he spoke to me in his best “don’t worry your pretty little head about it,” condescending voice.

He has lots of “stories” to share about how past sales with previous clients went horribly wrong when they didn’t listen to him in order to persuade you against standing firm on your sale price, your wishes to negotiate with your buyer about home repairs following the home inspection, etc., etc….. When we approached the closing date, a second mortgage that I didn’t know about suddenly popped up during the title search of my property.

As a result of this unforeseen second mortgage, I had to give up all of my equity at the time of the closing to pay off this debt which was not mine (the debt belonged to my ex-husband, who had just conveniently filed bankruptcy) in order for me to have a clear title for the buyer of my home.

Mr. DiFonzo showed NO EMPATHY for my situation when I found that even after giving up my equity we were still coming up $1,000 short to make closing.

Mr. DiFonzo even emailed me a veiled threat, telling me that if I wasn’t willing to borrow the $1,000 required to close then I had better get a lawyer.

Everyone I spoke with who works in the local real estate business is completely shocked that this man would only agree to give up $500 of his $6,500 commission to help me out of this unforeseen crisis that was not my fault.

In the end, it was the generosity of the buyer of my home and the advocacy of the buyer’s realtor that helped to close the gap of the amount required for us to go to closing and sell my home.

I am extremely disappointed in Mr. DiFonzo, both as a professional who did a poor job as a realtor AND as an individual who demonstrated low morality and no compassion.

RUN FROM THIS MAN if you are considering using him as a realtor!

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