Michael Cheney

Michael is a shady real estate agent

I was looking for a buyer for my condo. I had not advertised it online and had not even spoken to any agent. I had spoken to few friends about it. Michael Cheney contacted me from nowhere and said that he was a real estate agent and would help me find a great deal for my condo. I did not understand. I did not share it online. So, I was skeptical as how he got my contact. I asked him the same question.

He said that he got my number from a friend and was not ready to disclose the same. He sounded like an agent as he said and told me that he would take care of my interest, being my agent. I trusted him, and he said that he would send someone to access the house for getting the best quote for it. After a week, that guy came to check the house. He gave me an estimate that was too less than the amount that I was aware of.

I asked him to get the estimate again. But, he denied saying that he has given the right estimation. I called Michael to tell him the confusion and he said the same thing that the other guy had said.

So, I called another agent and asked him to get the assessment for my house. He gave me a higher rate for the property. I did not discuss this with Michael and wanted to see what he had to say further. He called me after few says with a deal and said that the person was offering more price than the accessed rate.

It was still too less than the legitimate rate. I tried to find more about the case and came to know that the person interested in buying my house was someone who had approached me earlier directly and I had denied the price that he offered.

Michael was working from his end and not from my end. He pretended to be my agent, but actually he was dealing from his end. This is the most unprofessional way of dealing with clients and I would never suggest anyone to work with him. I tried confronting him and told him everything that I knew. He tried to defend himself for some time and later stopped picking my phone.

Michael is a liar and a scammer. He is a fraud and scam his clients by different ways. He lies and can go to any extent to get his profit in his account. If you want to save yourself and your money, never hand over your property papers.

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Reported Loss : 1000 $
Location city : Atlanta
Reported by : henry6
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