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Keller Williams Realty Group is run by scammer

The issue came up when I called her up on my divorce case. Her name was Melanie Hyer, she was an employee of Keller Williams Realty Group.

She was also specially recommended to me by my ex-husband’s attorney Maria Gonzalez with few others. On getting these many recommendations, I thought her services would be excellent.

As all must know, people giving services in the matter of divorce, are always expected to be up to the mark! Anyways, she started her work, with a brilliant speech. When I first met her, I had no idea that her speech exactly antithesis with the services that she provided.

She promised me she would work equally on both the sides. I got happy on hearing this because I was in search of a person exactly like she seemed from her first speech. After her first speech she was never the same, I felt as if she was just not a person of her words!

She started working on dividing things in the house, but it seemed as if she was reducing my side of the house and increasing my husband’s part. My husband was only permitted to remove items from the garage, but still she let him take the paintings, stereo cabinet and route through my kitchen for knives within my house.

I was not present at my home that particular day. The next day upon my arrival when I started to argue about her being unjust and biased, she started threatening me! She completely warned me that if I spoke more, she would remove me from my home. I realized how bad I had been on choosing her for this complicated issue.

She was also responsible to sell the house in which we lived. But I don’t think she ever took part in it. Once there was a buyer with whom I had already negotiated the price and he was willing to show up.

Melanie, turned the buyer down for unknown reasons. I couldn’t even ask her that why did, she do so! Else, I could have been thrown out of my own house. I remember there was another buyer, with whom Melanie negotiated.

Frankly speaking, she had no negotiation skills. If I would have been that buyer, I would have turned down the offer immediately. She was terse to the point of being rude.

You don’t expect such agents from a Keller Williams Realty company! An offer was presented and inspection was concluded, she recommended to sign off for $10000 among which 5000 was for AC which was working, it might need some repairing though.

3600$ for repairing the roof. When I asked an expert to check it out, the quote came down to somewhere around $850.

Melanie was truly unprofessional, she never provided her contact number, never told us about how much did she charge for her work.

All I did was got rid of her, by paying her a check of amount $3500 on her personal name.

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  1. The Exact Same Thing Happened to me from Melanie Hyer!!!

    The exact same thing happen to me when using Melanie Hyer!!! Yes Melanie was recommended by my ex-husband’s lawyer Maria Gonzalez…the two must be running a scam together! Melanie told me that they met at a conference and then pretended to just met her in person in front of me. WOW!
    The buyer that Melanie recommended to purchase my home must have been involved as well because my house got flip a month later and they made $20,000 extra. I wonder what Melanie’s take is in this whole scam. Melanie was the one who recommended the sale price of my home. I always thought it was too low which turns out I was right!

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