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Wow. So, I was thinking of looking at Media Real Estate..again, but I have had such trepidation and I came on here and it’s clear not much has changed.

I rented from them back in 1995 until 1997. Bruce was the one who showed me my first apartment in Colonial Terrace on S. Orange Street.

At first, I loved the apartment that faced the street. It had charm, a turquoise stove and a lot of closet space.

However, the tenant before me painted a huge anarchy sign on the wall before I moved in and it kept bleeding through the paint.

No matter how many times they painted over it, it bled through. I had trouble with water, but the door…oh my God, the door was made out of cardboard, it was so thin and this horrible wood where you could literally hear everyone through it.

It was awful. I knew that if I was speaking in my apartment that anyone who walked by could hear me.

I could hear the tenant beneath me’s alarm going off in the AM. The maintenance men were awful.

They were so inconvenienced if you called. About a year and a half in, cockroaches started coming in. I almost died.

They didn’t just walk along during the night, there were visible during the day. One day I was sitting on my couch and one crawled right under that flimsy cardboard door from the hallway into my apartment. I screamed.

Not only did I scream, but you could hear other neighbors screaming and one day I went out into the hallway to find other neighbors very upset.

We had all collectively called to complain about these filthy pests, but they did nothing. Finally, it took me calling the better housing authority to get something done. They were on it.

They called Media Real Estate, but it took from February of 1997 until May of 1997 for them to come in and bomb the place.

Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, my ceiling started leaking in my bedroom.

The roof was flat and when it rained the rain would sit on the roof. Well, it started coming in.

They had to come in, put buckets down and then move my bed and all of my furniture to one side of the bedroom. It was utter insanity. That was it for me.

I lived like that for 3 weeks and gave them my notice. I wanted out. When I was ready to go (I kept an immaculate apartment) they refused to give me my deposit back.

My mom called a lawyer in Media and we fought and won. They said that I ruined their air conditioner, which is was a total fabrication.

They also said I ruined the rug. Um, no…the rain that poured in from the roof ruined the rug..oh! And some of my furniture.

The next place I lived, they knew Media Real Estate well. They had worked for them. They told me, “They are slum lords.” They are. They don’t care about the tenants.

They only care about making money. That’s it. I have lived in Swarthmore now for 13 years under Marks and Company.

They are amazing. If you have a problem, they are on it that day. I would love to move back to Media, but honestly, I would never ever live under the ownership of anything Media Real Estate.

And before anyone says what the Stine family has done for the town of Media, the things they have donated, etc; the tenants don’t care.

The tenants care about being respected and having a clean and safe property that runs efficiently without feeling like we are a bother to them.

You work for us…not the other way around. For those who say the women secretaries, etc are witches..this makes me laugh.

Why do you think that is? **Because they hate their job!** Because so many tenants are calling with complaints and they are tired of hearing the litany of complaints.

They know the place is crap. They don’t want to deal with the never ending amount of calls regarding how much Media Real Estate sucks.

When you know it’s never going to change (meaning MRE) they can’t help but become bitter.

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