Medford Properties

There Is An Ugly Word For Businesses

Medford Properties has unquestionably earned a failing grade.

We contracted Medford Properties for specific services for which they are reliably well paid.

They just don’t bother to provide those services.

I have sent repeated emails, had phone calls, sent pictures, and generally spent far too long encouraging and cajoling Medford Properties to deliver the services they are contracted to provide and continue to neglect.

For example, Medford Properties is responsible for lawn and garden care, among other services, and the property is a mess.

The shrubs are overgrown, the beds and lawn are full of weeds, etc. etc. The back garden looks like the neglected property you see along railway lines. It is disgraceful.

Medford Properties repeatedly acknowledges their responsibilities and promises to have someone out ‘tomorrow’.

It has been over three months and nothing has been done. The only responses I get are new ‘dog ate my homework’ excuses.

I spoke with Medford Properties about the overgrown weeds yesterday and they pointed out, in their defense, that the weeds will only grow back once removed.

That would be hysterical if it weren’t so expensive.

And after spending additional time explaining Medford Properties’ job to them, and having a commitment that they would be here this morning, they are a no show! Why am I surprised?

And when provided, the quality of their services is poor at best. Our property required snow plowing only once last winter.

Medford Properties did not shovel the front walk–as is required by law–and just drove a plough down the center of the driveway once.

If the snow had been deeper, no one would have been able to park. I provided feedback–and they had another excuse!

The only effort they are willing to make is to up-sell services we don’t need. We received an unsolicited estimate for $13k to paint the house (which is sided and doesn’t need painting!) accompanied by an long, long email explaining that the house ‘NEEDS’ (all caps!) to be painted.

The cherry on top was the comment that the condition of the house reflected badly on Medford Properties’ business.

That would be hysterical if it weren’t so preposterous.

(I had two 5-star companies out to provide estimates on selected paint work and both said immediately: ‘This house does not need to be painted’. )

When I pointed out issues with some past work, Medford Properties acknowledged that fixes were required–but that they could only take care of it when we hired them for new services. The trend continues.

This company clearly does not understand its business. When contracted services have been paid for and not provided, they have violated the agreement.

It is most certainly NOT the time to sell frustrated owners services they don’t need.

And it just compounds the offense when they waste their client’s time with attempt after fruitless attempt to get what we paid for.

There is simply no value-add. In fact, the entire engagement is a net negative of time and money.

So, at the beginning of the month, Medford Properties is yet again getting paid, and at best I get nothing.

There is an ugly word for businesses like that.

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