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Magellan’s out in the market with their filthy tactics

I wanted to buy a luxurious condominium unit I contacted some agencies and then got in touch with Magellan Development Group, it’s situated in Chicago.

I had initial conversations with them and they seemed okay to me. Not much time passed, I heard how, from Lancaster to Chandler, everybody had been suing Magellan Development Group for the kind of service they served them with.

Almost every condo association had sued Magellan for some or the other thing. No one every recommended to buy a prebuilt condo from them. There were case studies in which they had specifically mentioned how Magellan never came up to what they said. Their contract was just meant for name, they never followed their contracts.

There were many cases I came up with, amongst which, Regatta’s and Chandler’s was the most interesting case. In it Magellan had a deal with Regatta to supply them with some amount of land, which Magellan did not.

They purposely kept some amount of land with their own so that they could give that land to a builder that developed it for some commercial use. I was shocked to read that. They said, this land had a title on it till date, that says,” this land is available for lease”. What a waste of land. They always failed to fulfill the building association’s agreements.

That is the simplest and the most obvious reason why no one recommends to buy a prebuilt from Magellan Development. Buying a prebuilt from any place would require maximum amount of understanding and the company offering prebuilt should be complete in terms of agreements and credentials.

The case here is totally opposite, Magellan has the record of never fulfilling what the mention on paper, so buying a prebuilt would be waste because of the false expectations they serve you with! By any chance you happen to read this complaint after you have already committed them to buy a prebuilt from them, say NO when they ask you for upgrades.

These are their silly tactics to have more money in the name of nothing. Magellan does no good job when you opt for upgrades. Their workman are really poor and they supply you with same quality of service i.e. poor. The materials that they use for supplying you with the upgrades you ask for, is poor.

They do it purposely so they can charge you again for the repair of the upgrades which are surely going to need a repair as soon as possible. In upgrades, if you do not like anything and decided to opt out of having upgrades, they would not refund you back. They have a habit of indulging only in verbal communications, so be cautious about the things that are mentioned above and demand everything in writing.

If possible keep your lawyer with you while dealing with Magellan so that if anything goes wrong, you can sue them and you have your lawyer filing lawsuit against them.

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