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Madison Hill: The Nonprofessionals.

I signed my lease at Madison Hill Properties for a year. I have lived across many places in States, but this turned out to be the worst one. There are many issues with the management team, the person handling the customer’s feedbacks via emails and calls, as well as with the person who is responsible to convey the messages made by the customers.

Apparently, I had many issues for which I used to approach different personnel’s at Madison Hill Properties. But shockingly, none of them ever bothered to completely solve that issue. Out of the total issues that I have had for them, I remember some that I would like to share so that every viewer reading this get to know about how their services are! I noticed that the sink in my kitchen had a hole, by which water used to spread out. The moment I noticed it, I made sure that I conveyed the message to the management team, so that by the end of the year, they had no reason to cut from my security deposit. Informing the management team, resulted into a call from a lady named Sandra. Sandra informed me that someone would take care of it the next day. When no one came, I again called up, this time they turned up to me with a text message. This text message was a little bit demanding because it asked me to wait till the next day.

The next issue with management team at Madison Hill Properties was that, I needed screens to protect me from sunlight at my windows. So I demanded them for the same. It was Sandra again who was assisting me with fake promises that someone was going to come up. No one ever showed up and I am still in the same condition managing with sunlight during summers when sun is brightest. It also hinders my privacy, which is worse. The last issue which I want to mention is the worst of all. I smelled someone stealing from our lobby, so like a layman, I reported to the Union City Police. In response, the police department sent a spy, who asked me to provide him with the management’s phone number and email id. He asked for it so that he could get a hand on video tapes of the lobby. I supplied him with both.

Sometime later when I checked with him to ask about the progress. He said no one picked up his call and didn’t even reply to his emails. I even have a family which stays on my head literally. It keeps on banging at the floor, there are children at their place, who are very boisterous. I informed this issue to management via email, they were supposed to take care of it, which they did not. Finally, when my term ended, I was so much in haste to take a leave from this reckless place. I did give the management team my next mailing address, so that they could mail me my security deposit at the same place. Evidently, they messed up with my mailing address, because of which I did not get my check on time.

This is really unprofessional behavior by Madison Hills Properties. Either intentional or unintentional, I cannot say. But it is definitely unprofessional.

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  1. Madison Hill Properties Review

    I got the house on rent through Madison Hill and was informed that if I pay six months rent in advance, they would offer me discounts. I accepted the offer and shifted in the house.

    Later, I found out that the house was in a very bad condition. Everything was a mess, the bathroom, shower, kitchen and the bed room. There were rodents and mostly all the taps had leakage.

    I asked them to repair and they started ignoring my calls. First few days I spent in the hotel and then I had to pay for all the repairs. They never reimbursed as well.

    I fought with the management team, but nothing was sorted. I left the property and they did not refunded my security deposit.

    What a waste of time and money.

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