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Lori got away with the property valuation amount

I am a non-resident owner of a piece of a land in Florida and was willing to sell my land. I was contacted by Lori Garey who told me that she was a broker and her company would help me get a decent price for my land that I was holding for past three years. She mailed me through her personal email id, there was no company’s domain attached to it.

She gave me her details and the name of her company. I checked the website and it was listed as All Realty Services LLC. It looked genuine with few information on it. I returned to her email asking the process.

She replied the following day. She mentioned in her email that the property would get me a range of $15k to $20k. She also asked me to get the evaluation of the property through her to get the exact price that I would be expecting from her. In addition, she listed her accomplishments and assured that she would get me the best deal being one of the best brokers for empty lands.

She agreed on doing all the marketing and listing for the property and would list it in the MLS (Multi Listing System). She promised that I would not be required to travel all through her office at any point of deal making. She would handle everything till the end.

I did not reply to that mail as I was thinking over it. Soon, a second mail popped in after a week. She insisted on selling the property rather waiting for the next year. Her mail warned me about the interest rates that were down at that time. She suggested that if the interest rates go up, the following year, the sales will slow down and so the rates of the property. The land was in a rural area and there were other vacant lands too. So, it would not get me the profit that it was giving me then.

I again asked if the evaluation was necessary because as per my calculations, the rates had not moved much in these three years and that was one of the reasons, I wanted to sell the land. But, she insisted on getting the evaluation done. She gave me her details and bank account number and asked for a wire transfer.

She had been following up with me for more than 15 days and I wanted to sell that land. So, I had to excuse for not letting her do what was necessary. So, I transferred the amount as per her direction. But, I stopped hearing from her. She never contacted me and when I tried to get in touch with her on the date of the scheduled evaluation, her phone was dead.

I panicked and tried to email her. Still no response. Till now, there have been no contact from her or anyone else. She is a scammer and a fraud.

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  1. Lori Garey - Vacant Lots in the State of Florida

    I would say to contact the State of Florida Real Estate Licensing Division because it looks like she didn’t do what she agreed to do!

    They have a section:

    Errors and Omissions section – Let them handle your issue.
    File a claim! (At least you may get your money back and she will have to face the Board to explain her lack of action).
    (Someone should have followed up with YOU!).

    ALL REALTY SERVICES, INC. of Orlando is a Licensed Real Estate Broker #CQ1027541
    Lori Garey
    3160 Vineland Road, Suite #5
    Kissimmee, Florida 34746

    She says as a licensed real estate broker they have sold thousands of vacant lots throughout the state of Florida.

    That’s what was on the post card she sent me!

    Good Luck-

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