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Loan Care would make a mess of your mortgage

I was having a good experience with my old loan company. However, after three months of smooth payment and everything, my mortgage was sold to Loan Care LLC. For few months, I got behind of my payments as their website won’t work and I was not able to login to my account with the old loan company. When I consulted the old firm, I was told that the new account and the information of the fresh contract were the responsibilities of Loan Care LLC, the new mortgage company.

So, I called their office and each time I would make a call, the music to stay on line would continue for three hours minimum. Sometimes, it would keep me in the queue for even longer. Every time, my phone was answered, I felt as if the same person was talking to me. I deem that the same person picked my calls all the time.

Sometimes, that person would suggest me to check my account details on my email after a day or so. Which when not appeared, I had to call him back. This continues for quite some time. I tried to get hold of someone and I was given another date. Because of this carelessness, I got behind of my payments.

Last week, they called me and said that I was four months late which was not true as I was only three months late. So, they said that I would be getting into foreclosure and to avoid that I will have to make payment for 2 months at once. I had no choice but to make the payment.

Later, I was told that my calls would be send to collection. So, to make the payment, I was connect to some foreigner who was completely using a different English which was out of my understanding. He asked for my credit card details to make the payment or threatened to disconnect the call, finally getting into foreclosure.

So, I had no choice. I provided him the details. When I asked about the payment dates and when the next payment was due. I was given a different date from my last contract with the old finance company. I mean, how could they change my payment date. And even they want to play the dictator, why I was not provided any written notice for the same.

Leave the written notice, they did not provide any verbal information on the same. Also, when I was calling many times to pay the loan dues. I am sure, they would be calling anytime to ask for the two months payments. These people are scammers and they have completely unfriendly employees who would never help you in need.

I have never been treated like this. It was my first experience with a finance company that treats customers like shit. They do not give any damn about your problems and even for those which were created by their mistake. I wish my loan was never sold to them.

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  1. Loan Care LLC frauds crooks scammer illegal

    Loan Care will try and foreclose on any account at anytime even when the account is current. The new scam is to put the payments into a suspension account claiming they don’t know what to do with the money. They try and force the 3 month limit before sending people to check the house to see if it’s occupied. Their goal is to add additional fees and what not. One has to call and wait hours and house and then deal with psychotic customer service agents and force them to apply the payments. All while they state they didn’t know what to do with the money. It’s the most ridiculous company they Want people to default because then they are paid in full for the loan.

  2. Any adults in the room;?

    Loancare is fraudulent.

  3. First of all, the servicing of your loan was not sold. Continue paying the same mortgage company you have been. If your servicing was sold your mortgage company would notify you. Look at it this way, if Joe Smith sent you a professional looking letter and had some very low level info about your loan, and said your servicing was sold to him would you start sending payments to him?
    This is a fraud. Do NOT send them any money.

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