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Lincoln Holbrook Institute entices people with fake names

It came to me and my husband with a fake name of, “REAL ESTATE INVESTORS FOR LIFE”. A guy named Brandon Godfrey stated the above mentioned name as his company name. They provide coaching services to those who are interested to know more about Real Estate.

I and my husband had a talk with each other about it. We were already looking for some lessons in Real Estate, so we decided to sign up for it.

On looking upon their contract, we were promised online training, phone coaching and permission to seek financing for every property that we brought to them. The fees that we paid for it was $10000.

The first phase of this started with online coaching classes. Limitations involved in online coaching were purposely used against me and my husband. We were told how I and my husband would be joined by other people for the same purpose, as well as about the punctuality and particularity of the classes.

These promises were fake! None other than me and my husband used to show up for these classes. Punctuality should have been replaced by irregularity to make their fake promise, real.

My husband had signed up for their webinars. Their webinars were even worse than online classes. Going in the webinars meant non availability of coaches at the time when you needed them the most. Even if they would appear, the methodology used by them was so poor, that everything went completely abstruse. My husband complained about a coach named Cadance.

Cadance used to assist him with the phone calls. He found it difficult to grasp, so he questioned the teaching. Brand Godfrey, to whom we complaint about the coach, did not get back to us on this matter. His assistant emailed us, saying how the coach cannot be changed, for reasons best known to him.

Also in that particular course of time, the company came up with new list of requirements, which we really difficult for a property to fit in. The reason that we were given behind this decision was that, the company made some bad investments.

My question to them is; why should we suffer due to their bad decisions. Why should we be in search of a property that is so hard to find? And unless we find one such property, we wouldn’t even get the benefits.

This clearly convinced me, how the company was not working for their clients and extorting them. Not only did they want us to buy a new home, but also a buyer for the same!

When I started researching about this company online, I came up with strange results. Firstly, I couldn’t find it online with the name REAL ESTATE INVESTORS FOR LIFE! Upon researching further I came with a completely different name which was, LINCOLN INSTITUTE OF FINANCIAL EDUCATION/Empowerment.

This was the limit. I couldn’t bare anymore, this company is a complete fraud. The only reason to keep to different names, denotes their enticing character and nothing else. I warn others, not to fall for their trap and be aware of Lincoln Institute of Financial Empowerment which comes in the name of REAL ESTATE INVESTORS FOR LIFE!

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3 reviews

  1. Lincoln institute of financial education review

    I had the similar experience with these guys. They never got me the right tools for investing and made me frustrated with their negligent attitude and questionable responses.

    I was the only one who used to be on time. The trainers on the other hands were never present. Either online coaching or webinars, the quality that they showed was completely waste of time.

    Lincoln institute of financial education took my money and when I asked for a refund, they shut me out.

  2. Get your money back... I did!

    I am also a victim of Brandon Godfrey and Lincoln Holbrook institute of financial education empowerment. I was taken for nearly $15,000 but I was able to get it ALL back, EVERY PENNY REFUNDED!!!

    If you too are a victim of these blood sucking con artists, here’s how you can get your money back too!!!

    Because they’re in Utah…

    Step 1. File a formal complaint with the Utah Attorney General:

    Step 2. File complaint with Utah consumer protections:

    Step 3. File complaints with your states attorney general and consumer protections.

    Step 4. Follow up! You must bug gov’t officials to get this done. If you do… Bam refund!

    You must complain ASAP if you want to be taken seriously. DO NOT WAIT! I promise if you do pocrastinate, you will not get your money back!

    A fellow traveler. If you can concieve it, you can achieve it! Manifest Destiny!

  3. What Are you Talking About!???

    It surprises me to hear your experiences with Lincoln Holbrook and his organization “Lincoln Institute Of Financial Education”. I started trading stocks and options 4 Year’s ago and could never really find one as smooth as LIFE. I went through a similar process but with a younger guy maybe in his late 20’s. He was very polite and provided me with all of the information i needed and asked for. there was nothing shady or skeptical about him. He was a “STRATEGIST” but really he was a “pre setter” as it’s known in the sales community and he was very clean with presentation. He then had me speak with a “senior Director” of their coaching program his name was Shane. I asked him if “He was the closer” right off the bat and he said “that’s what they call me” haha, that was funny to me. He was also very helpful and knowledgeable. Not pushy at all. It took me 2 months to get things financially situated and finally get started and he was very patient with me. I invested $18,000 into the coaching and options recommendations for life. I’ve been following their advice for 8 months now and have made back more then double almost triple what I invested into it from the recommendations alone. Not to mention the Education I’ve been getting on how to actually get out there and start doing this on my own full time. I’m just curious as to how the same company You three individuals are speaking of can produce such bad service and returns for you but at the same time help someone like myself make more money in the market then ever before…. However, I hope that you have since found something that does work for you. And just for the record….. a salesmans job is to sell…. YOU as the consumer? Your job is to make sure and do your research before making a big time investment. But then again the market is not for everybody… I hope this helps somebody actually doing their research before making a big time financial decision based off of emotions.

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