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Leslie is an extorting agent

Dover Wharf condos at Port Dover, Ontario are promoted and sold by a person named Leslie Lee. Dover Wharf also has its website on which they update about their reservations, units and its price. Currently people can reserve any unit by giving a down payment of $5000. These condos have their own tactic of fooling people into their traps. Before sometime, there was a notice circulated by condos. This notice revealed some interesting things. The notice said that those who have purchased condos at Dover Wharf 2 months prior to that date, will have to pay 25% extra due to price rise. Adding up the increase i.e. 25% to the HST, it came somewhere near to 50%.

When asked about such a high rise in the price, we were informed that it was due to increase in materials, labor and permits, that involved while we construct a condo. While everyone else was in the shock as I was, I started enquiring about the same. Contact the building association in our area, we came to know that yes there was a rise indeed. But this rise was just somewhere around 5%. It was just a mere zero added on by Mr Leslie Lee! Which was so huge that it asked us all to pay half of the sum in addition to the decided sum! While meeting other people I came to know about others situation which was even worse. They were left with no other choice but Dover Wharf because of the volatility in real estate now a days.

People are roaming from here and there to find out the real truth behind this scene, because they don’t even know, what have their money bought till now and what have they got to pay more for! They are told by the management about the level of upgrade and some more luxury finishes, but what about the people that do not need it. We were already informed about the opulence of the condos, what are these further upgrades and why weren’t we informed about any such thing in prior? This is the main question of confusion amongst the crowd. Worse part is they have even put a cross across one of the paragraphs in Agreement of Purchase, which is strictly illegal. This paragraph ensured every customer that in case of anything goes wrong, the customer is promised to get his money back!

With the absence of such a paragraph, they are left with no option but to fulfill the demands made by Leslie Lee. Because of the customers, which have no legal options open to their end, Mr Lee is able to extort everyone without any fear. This is real conning and no real estate business. People came up to him for a condo in which they expected to live peacefully and now they live in fear. Not everyone can afford money.

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  1. Leslie Lee Review

    Leslie is a fraud. He took our money and informed us that the condo was of higher price later. If we did not buy the house, our advance payment would not be returned.

    We lost our money and could not reach him as he shut us out. Beware! His filthy tactics will put you into a hell lot of trouble.

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Port Dover N0A ON CA
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Reported Loss : 5000 $
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