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Since few months, I was looking to buy a new house for myself. It was in the month of April, that my search came to an end. I loved the house at Granada Hills, so I made a commitment to purchase it. The house here was brought on-sale by an agent John Mazziotta. After making the commitment, I was in agreement with an Escrow which worked especially for home purchases made in Granada Hills, CA. There was an associate of Landmark Escrow, his name was Victor. After I had the required talk with Victor, we decided that he would open the case in front of Escrow, the day that followed.

Victor and John were friends with each other, for some reasons they decided to hold on for a while. I was supposed to get my Escrow number and the credentials for my loan, only after the procedure at Escrow was completed. It took me almost a week to make both of these unprofessional persons, understand that only when Victor kept the matter ahead, my credentials and Escrow number will reach me. This information which I would have received days back, came to me by Friday, somewhere around 5. I already had the counting going in my mind i.e. once I receive all the information from Escrow, it was going to take me somewhere around two weeks to get the loan sanctioned.

This would in turn increase my expense for the agents that I have hired. It took me not much time to realize that these unprofessional filths were trying to act smart on me, by purposely delaying their work. My offer for loan was accepted, it took 3 weeks since the day upon which me and Victor made the deal. Before making the deal, they make us sign the contract, which had certain dependencies. But of course, I wasn’t able to meet those dependencies. Thanks to the amount of delay made by my fellow mates.

One: The give me lesser time to complete my procedures of loan, which were bound to be followed, unavoidable. Two: Even after knowing that they gave me lesser time to complete my procedures for loan, they delayed one week, which God only knows why? Three: After knowing, that I wasn’t able to complete things on target, they threaten me to cancel the Escrow. Though they already knew I was never going to make it on time. What have I got to do, if I am dealing with two people and none of them cares a shit about the work! Escrows are supposed to listen to both the parties, but when I complaint, they did not. There are two more characters named Kim and Akira, Akira calls herself Adela to hide her identity. And Kim, is good for nothing, because the only thing she knows is, not answering phone calls. I needed Kim’s support to complete my loan procedures with the loan officer, which I did not receive at all.

I do not know whether to call them unprofessional idiots or professional cheats! I feel professional cheats is better, because every delay done on their part cannot be termed as unintentional. I wrote a review on their website, which they did remove, so I am writing here again. If they remove this one, I will write one somewhere else, but I want to make sure they are unable to target more people!

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