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I’m a Realtor with KW, and came to me at a company meeting saying that they have a formula that can detect sellers in a farm.send mailers to a % of my 3500 person farm who are “likely to sell soon” Their magic algorithm (which could be replicated by any title company), promises to identify homeowners who want to sell with a high degree of accuracy, and connect you with them to get the listing side.

Total joke. I’m 4 months in with 0 listings and 0 real leads to show for it. WHAT A WASTE OF $$$!!!! I have better luck using zurple for leads.

When I tried to cancel, I was threatened and harassed.I am filing a complaint with the BBB and the state AG and am demanding a full refund of the thousands of dollars stolen from me.

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4 reviews

  1. We love Offrs but to each his own - everyone has their fallback

    Well, we’ve had a lot of success with Offrs. There was a dip in the number of leads we would receive per month (probably around 5 months ago) but that put it right smack in the middle of winter so there’s that.

    We were cautiously optimistic going in but it’s really worked out for our team! For those not happy with the leads their getting in their territories, I would talk to the Offrs employees and ask for a switch to a nearby territory. A friend of ours did that and saw their lead numbers go up.

    I’m not sure if you’re still using Offrs or not but I hope you found what works for you. For some it’s door to door and others it’s referral marketing. We’ve been happy with the lead gen service so far. Good luck out there and keep your chin up!

  2. Yeah something's not right with your account or you're not doing it right

    Wow, no. offrs is great. Not sure what you’re doing wrong but there should be high scored leads in your inbox every month depending on how many homes there are in your farm. They come in scored based on whether they’re likely to sell or not. So there are always leads – it’s just which ones are the ones you should call first.

    I work two so I get more but each one’s producing big time. Have been since the start. I agree with the other post. You should reach out to their support and see what you’re doing wrong. Dude. How many months did you go before checking??

  3. Amazing service and GREAT customer support!!!

    I just signed up but already received new leads. I cannot THANK YOU enough!!! You have a happy customer!

  4. offers is great (I messed up my rating - oops)

    Damn – I posted above and realized I was rating offrs, not the review I was replying to. 5 STARS all the way!!!

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