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Keller Williams NE scammed me with false claims

I was contacted by Victoria Malley from Keller Williams NE Realty. She was polite and said that she received my number through a friend as she was given an indication that I was looking to buy a house. I was, and I did not know who contacted her. She said that the information was confidential as she was asked to keep it that way.

But, I was assured that she knew how to keep secret safe even if that can cost a customer. For me, it was a good score. She further told me that her company worked with the Christian Philosophy and in no case, I would be given false or fake information as they stick with the truth.

I was convinced, and the credit goes to her. She was the one who was convincing, and it became easier for me to believe her. But, as soon as I made the payment and signed the contract, things changed as if everything she claimed to be was a façade. Victoria is unprofessional, and I have never dealt with someone like her.

When I asked her about the FSBO option, she became irritated. That was the first time, I saw her losing her temper. I had not paid by then. That was the reason, I believe, that she controlled her emotions and told me fictional stories about the bad experiences customers had in past. They finally had to ask for her company’s assistance.

She knew that I was moving to another city and the deal was important for me. I had my family and my children had school in the town. So, I wanted to settle them before I moved. So, I took her advice and paid her the fee. She asked me to sign the contract and I did not read the terms as she had detailed about it verbally.

I did not feel a need for it. But, after I paid, she started ignoring my calls and being rude to me. She was not sure about what she was upto and that lack of knowledge affected a lot of deals, I figured out myself.

When I tried to consult her, she became abusive. I asked for a refund which she said was available. But, she denied. She said that our contract never read that. She told me that the money was not refundable even if I did not go with her to find my dream house. Because, the movement was due next month, I had to contact someone else and I finalized the place in less than a week.

If that was all it took, why she could not turn any of the leads I got her. Probably she was not interested in helping me out. It is evident that she had a lot of experience, but not into real estate business, but into scamming people through lies and soft words.

However, this can not take her to a long way. It is better to stay out of her clutch as she knows how to convince others.

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