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Do not rent house of Keith

If you are looking for a house on rent in Florida, beware of Keith and his wife. They offer their house with address 624 PELHAM RD, ST AUGUSTINE, FL 32092 for rent and make sure the tenants run away after facing troubles from them.

They have already scammed 4 families and I am sure would not mind doing the same thing with the fifth one. I was the one who recently had the experience of staying at his place. My family shifted from a different city and were not aware of his past records. We were in haste and wanted to shift soon.

We liked the property and Keith also seemed nice in the first interaction. But that was only once that he seemed fine. After we shifted, he changed completely. He is a chameleon who can change his colour with situation and he is perfect example of that.

He used to break into the house. He spied on us and took pictures that was not only weird but also illegal. We came to know about it after he was caught red handed just before a day we left. I am not sure since when he was doing that.

Once we had problems with the water clogging in the kitchen sink and it was there when we shifted but had gotten worse in few weeks. We asked him to take a look at it and get it fixed. He ignored our call and told us that he does not have time to work for us.

This was his house and it was there before we shifted. It was his responsibility to get it fixed. He did not do that and we had to fix it ourselves. When we spoke to the neighbour, they informed that he did not repair AC in summer for the other two tenants who stayed there.

We were there for few months and every second month, he used to ask us for the rent that we already had paid. He always missed his rent records and then would harass us to pay again. Many times, we found that the alarm was not working which Keith used to disable.

I feel he is one of those people who find it enthralling to disturb others. He finds it exciting when others are in problem. He has got some issue with his head. He should better seek help. We left with sour feeling and he did not refund us the security deposit that was refundable.

Now, he is advertising to sell the house but it won’t happen. He will end up leasing the house. I would suggest staying away from this mad man. He can be harmful and at the same time deceitful. He did not care about anyone problem. His excitement should not end. For that he can go to any limit.

Keith and his wife should not be allowed to sit with others. They do not associate with normal human beings.

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3 reviews

  1. Keith Frazier review

    My friend was once looking for a house and Keith showed his property to her. The house seemed fine and she asked me to help with the paperwork and shifting. Before, she would have taken the final call, I checked the place. She insisted me on doing that as I was aware of that locality.

    We visited few places nearby to check the amenities. It was fine and house looked good as well. While returning home, we met a neighbor and we he shared about Keith and the experience of prior tenants.

    We were disgusted to know about him. I am happy that my friend got saved. She shifted to some other place and it is great there.

  2. Great Neighbor and amazing Landlord

    I believe this report is a scam itself from a prior tenant. I’ve been a neighbor of Keith Frazier for 7 years and know about every tenant that has rented this house. Their last tenant prior to the current tenant was a drug user and had domestic abuse charges pressed against the couple. We even had to call the cops a few times when the wife would scream and run to our house to get away from him when he was high. He would come and apologize and say it’s his medication that makes him act this way. I believe he had tried to be a professional athlete but drugs kept him from ever be well known. As you can tell from the negative report and all the misspelled words and errors.

  3. Disgusting human

    I’ll pop in here and say the positive review is actually Keith himself. I live next door to this house in question – and despite Keith being a slum lord, not keeping care of the house, he has a reputation around the community of mooching off his wife, Arianne, who runs a skincare center at 616 FL-13, St Johns.

    It’s easy to say who is in the wrong here, the 4 different tenants that have all had HUGE problems with Keith or poor little Keith.

    PS: Keith, mow your fucking yard.

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Pelham Road 624
St. Augustine 32092 FL US
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