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Do not hire Jump Realty I had demon Winnie do not hire Jump Realty I had demon Winnie find a house for me he’s in find the house for me I did and we went in on a Friday when I was listed I put an offer the same day he had we wait to the Saturday for some stupid reasons and the reason was the other realtor who is selling the house had two offers coming in after mine so my agent said we must believe him let’s change the date of my offer so it cost me $2,000 Lauren he actually said I spent $2,000 of your money that was in November of 2017.

I hired demon Winnie to somewhere property in Louisville left my new unit 2018 he want to listen ten thousand dollars at 2:09 which my house is far more were 299 that we listed it for another house when it for sale just next door did not compare it to my the basement was finished but he was only finished because there was leaking in the basement and had no backyard and my backyard is an English gardens with helmet half an acre of land it is gorgeous and what happened was diamond put it up for sale did the listing and then he actually wasn’t even the realtor who’s show my house he told me have another house just show so the realtor which is also a jump Dame game Lenore what a devil in whatever his name is road or not her for a couple from Toronto I was told on the Tuesday that I have to accept this offer not make any changes to this offer he was $10,000 more than at the listing price but my house was more 30 your $40,000 more than it was out for sale I was hoping we would have multiple offers but that never happened actually my real estate agent even when he may be fun the offer not change the closing date not do anything there were concerned about fixing the ceiling in the bedroom and pain the cost for the buyer which they never met before and willing to spend my money to get the ceiling repaired which was $500 I come down to realize today which is 3 days after I sign the offer that’s like closing date to the buyer wants to have it a month earlier so I was argued with with that but ended up happening anyway do they found Joe the property that was listed next to mine so for 260000 within 11 months those people painted the house not a good paying job made $60,000 and 11 months in my house sold for only 230000 $30,000 less than what it should have been diamond Winnie refuse to have any other weird to come in after I signed the conditional offer there is Tina from a real estate agent have to look it up and someone else from my thing Remax who want to see the house diamond refuse them to come through I am thoroughly disgusted.

I also discovered that my house is unlocked from Dublin who actually sold the house for a 3 days and when the home inspector when and there’s a gas stove was leaking she told the rules agent to contact you need gas if the leak still continue no one in for me this I went in their forties later and the whole house is full of gas if I smoke I would have been blown up.

Also the air conditioner was turned on to 73 degrees and all the windows except to wear clothes so there’s major condensation on all the vents downstairs there’s water all over the floor if I didn’t have a dehumidifier running I don’t know what would be taking place.

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